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The cake I made for my sister's 10th Anniversary.  Originally inspired by a similar cake in the 2003 Wilton Yearbook...2003 I think. :)
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By suzyqqq27
Apr 13, 2005
The top tier of this cake is slanted forward so it faces you. I don't think you can tell that in this pic. The little gift card/frame is made of chocolate and dusted with gold luster dust.
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By Lisa
Apr 13, 2005
My Mother and Father's 60th Wedding anniversary cakes. Side cakes were topped with fresh grapes.  The center heart shape cake (my Mom's favorite) was topped with artifical flowers.
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By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
My cousin's 30th wedding anniversary cake. Single layered heart shape with pastel roses in lavender and pink.
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By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
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By HeidiPSU
Apr 27, 2005
Did this for a Church 92 Anniversary.  This is a 16" square cake.  Their anniversary was in December so I used the christmas colors to decorate.  The numbers are cakes done with the mini number pans.
By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
This was done for a couple's second wedding anniversary in December.  They wanted it done with the Christmas colors.
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By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
She wanted something fun and romantic, so found this on Wilton and made the people look like them.  I also used marshmallows for the bubbles (at her request).  I would have rather used gumballs, or fondant.
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By Calejo
May 10, 2005
This is it!  My first stacked and/or tiered cake.  I was very happy with how well it turned out.  They were happy with it too!  She wanted yellow cake with no filling (?), buttercream and pillars - that was it.  I decorated how I wanted.  Three tiers 12", 8" and 6"; yellow cake with buttercream and fondant ribbon roses and filler flowers with gold ribbon, leaves and dragees.
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By thecakemaker
Jun 5, 2005
oops!  sorry ~ another view that might be easier to look at
By thecakemaker
Jun 5, 2005
This is my first cake with fondant.  I made a whole bunch of flowers but ended up only using the ones on the cake.  She had cala lilies in her wedding bouquet.
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By gloria
Jun 7, 2005
This was my first attempt @ a stacked cake.  It was for my Grandparents surprise 50th Anniversary party.  It was white chocolate cake w/ 7 different fillings.
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By Somethin-Sweet
Jun 23, 2005
8" cake with marshmallow fondant decorations and gold "painted" ribbons and shimmer dust on the rest.
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By Kitagrl
Jun 24, 2005
This is a cake I made for my in-law's 50th anniversary party.  It didn't turn out anything like I envisioned.  If it could go wrong, it did.  I intend to post all that I learned from this later, after I recover from the 3 week sprint to get it done.  It is white cake iced in buttercream and dusted with white cake sparkles and gold luster dust.  Some of the flowers were fondant, others were silk.  I think all ended up ok, but not my best work.
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By marknrox
Jun 26, 2005
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
25th anniversary,  Wedding colors were yellow and peach.
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By bbcakes102
Jul 3, 2005
Stacked 12" and 10" round, with a tiered 6" round on top.  Covered in MMF with a ribbon, bead border, and picot over the ribbon.
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By CakesByEllen
Jul 6, 2005
I made a cake trying new recipes & ended up using the cake for my in-laws' anniversary. It's white wedding cake with strawberry filling & snow white buttercream (my very first attempt at BC). The top of the cake has a heart with their initials (like when you first fall in love) & all kinds of "love words." The sides has hearts with "28" written inside - that's how many years they were celebrating. It turned out pretty good & they loved it!
By eochenski
Jul 9, 2005
Made for a 25th Wedding Anniversary, I incorporated photos from the couple's wedding in silver frames, along with red carnations, their wedding flower.
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By edencakes
Jul 14, 2005
My neice's 11th wedding anniversary.  This was a rush job because they were leaving to go back to GA the next day.
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By stephanie214
Jul 30, 2005
Here is a luau cake I did for my parent's 20th anniversary. They were married in Maui.
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By mamafrogcakes
Aug 14, 2005
My client was really pleased with this cake. It was strawberry with strawberry jelly filling.
By angelcake4u
Aug 23, 2005
this was for an anniversary their colors were eggplant and burnt orange and it really did come out those colors but in the picture it looks halloween orange and puke purple. The roses were put on right away but dried out and flaked off the edges of the roses which was frustrating.
By tracyscakes
Aug 26, 2005
3 tiered anniversary cake. Covered in BC w/non-edible decorations and gumpaste roses
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By mamafrogcakes
Aug 27, 2005
Here is another shot of the cake, a more closeup view (unfortunately, it shows one of the few places where my cornelli lace wasn't *quite* perfect!).  Had fun with this cake!
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By CakeItGood
Aug 29, 2005
This was the MOST fun to make ... it was the durable cake recipe for all 3 layers.  Bottom was choco fudge, middle was white choc w/raspberry filling, top was lemon.  All done in buttercream (1/2 butter 1/2 Crisco) with MMF.  Roses on top were mmf/gumpaste mixture.  It didn't turn out *exactly* like I had hoped ... but overall I am pleased!  Forgot the right tip for the border, so it is a little too foofy for my taste, but it had to do.  WOO HOO!  I did it!!!
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By CakeItGood
Aug 29, 2005
This cake was a replica of their wedding cake from 60 years ago!  All I had to go on was the black and white blurry picture you see.  Their daughter who ordered the cake said not to worry too much; the parents were too old to remember what the cake looked like anyway!  haha!
By sunlover00
Sep 3, 2005
Another view.
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
Another view.
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
carrot cake, cr cheese icing, & gumpaste roses & leaves.
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By jennycakes
Sep 10, 2005
Pineapple cake with MMF and buttercream icing under the MMF.  MMF ribbon roses with fondant drape.  I got a call on Thursday night for this cake that she wanted on Saturday.  Got to love when people wait to the last minute to order cakes lol
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By ntertayneme
Sep 11, 2005
I trully enjoyed doing this cake for my sister's first wedding   2 layer yellow with buttercream icing.  I sprinkled shimmer dust on roses and add the silver foil leaves.
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By stephanie214
Sep 19, 2005
This was a learning experience for me. I didnt think I really needed to level the cakes.... little did I know!! Also, I used canned store bought icing, will NEVER do that again! It looks okay, though. I really learned my lesson!
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By kraftychristy
Sep 19, 2005
This was a suprise gift for my best friend & her husband. The cake is chocolate & white swirled together. The icing is white & choco butter cream. This was my 1st attempt at string work & is not all that great. I was experimenting with different tips, not really knowing what to do with them! The picture is a edible photo of them cutting the cake on their wedding day. This cake was done in a few hours with no prior preperation or an idea of what to make!
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By ajeffery2001
Sep 25, 2005
Replica of their cake from 25 years ago...close as I could get it, considering the poloroid pictures I had to work with, but they were very happy, and surprised!
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By charman
Oct 4, 2005
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By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
I made this cake for my boss.
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By mayra
Oct 17, 2005
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By lisamarie182
Oct 25, 2005
This was for the 1 year milestone of a friends cafe. Note how I used the glasses and a nice corrugated cake round (with silver-foil finish) as a impromput stand, and I used an edible photocake image for the cafe's logo at the top.
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By Cynch
Oct 27, 2005
25th Wedding Anniversary Cake
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By campbelland
Apr 13, 2005


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