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Fondant Bow,  photo is edible screen print
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By mypastrychef
Dec 25, 2006
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By marcimang
Oct 4, 2006
2 6
By jenright
May 7, 2007
I made this cake for a little girl's 10th birthday.   She requested a Letter R Diva Cake.  The design was up to me.  You will see in the other picture that I added a Diva sign before delivery.  I think that this picture shows all the angles and sides best.
8 14
By woodyfam
May 17, 2007
6" yellow cake covered in MMF. Animal print was handpainted
By Destini
Jun 3, 2007
Fondat, americolor black and electric pink! what a diference with wilton color!
9 156
By paolacaracas
May 6, 2007
just some animal print
1 1
By cory_jo
Jun 19, 2007
2 11
By Strazle
Jun 22, 2007
All fondant decorations.  I can't take credit for this cute design . . . I was inspired by a design created by another CC'er.
13 104
By Cassie1686
Jun 24, 2007
Thanks so much to Lambshack for the inspiration for this cake.  A friend called and needed and bday cake for a little girls birthday!!  I didn't even know who Hannah Montana was - so a quick search and this cake was too cute to pass up.  We even found a cover similar to Lambshacks to use!!  All white cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.  Thanks for looking and I definitely need suggestions and comments to do better next time!!
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By Suzycakes
Jul 7, 2007
I copied this cake off someone on cakecentral and have searched and searched and can't find who made it.  I'm so sorry.  If anyone knows who made it please post their name.  
As for the cake, I painted on the spots.  The insides of the black bow have luster spots from the the wrong brush to brush off the powdered sugar but other than that I liked how it cake out.  Thanks for looking.
6 27
By Cyndi1207
Aug 6, 2007
This cake is still one of my favorite even though I have done so many since.  This was for a 50th birthday that was held at a martini bar with animal print sofas, etc.  The "martini glasses" on the cake are carved and I just love the piped "olives" with red gel "pimento" all around the bottom of the cake and on the "glasses"
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By lwatt19
Aug 16, 2007
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By venecakes
Aug 17, 2007
ok, my second cake. it's not centered, but everyone was pleased. vanilla butter cake, 1st tier almond butter cream filling,2nd peanut buttercream w/praline crunch, 3rd choc butter cream w/ white & dark choc chips, buttercream frosting all MMF stripes, spots and elephant/50. Thanks for looking.
4 11
By mommameagan
Aug 29, 2007
Carrot cake with IMBC and whipped cream cheese filling. Top is one big FBCT.
2 4
By alimonkey
Sep 18, 2007
Side view of zoo cake.  All buttercream.  Pirouline cookies used as 'bamboo' on sides.
5 19
By 2kiddos
Sep 19, 2007
This is a 2 layer star shaped bottom tier with a 2 layer 8" layer on top.  This was a fun to decorate cake.  I used regular ribbon in various shades of pink and turquoise and animal prints to bring the design together.  The mom added  a picture of HM on top beside the word 'Happy".  Thanks for looking.
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By Suzycakes
Sep 20, 2007
Here's a small zebra print cake with a little rice krispy treat purse (via the customer's request).  TFL.
4 51
By Cyndi1207
Nov 19, 2007
Birthday cake for my DD inspired by a cake by Aaris (Thanks!).
7 80
By 2muchsugar
Nov 24, 2007
This cake for my sister arose out of my inability to make a decision! :-) I was going to make her a leopard printed cake with a bow inspired by CakesbyAllison. But, then I was really inspired by all the wonderful purse cakes in the galleries here. So, I combined the two and she gets a leopard purse! :-) Since it is my first purse, I went with a simple shape. I can't wait until she sees it tonight! Thanks for all the inspiration and as always, thanks for looking!
7 50
By lara3teach
Jan 4, 2008
all fondant
6 51
By paolacaracas
Jan 5, 2008
I made this cake for my niece.  Cake was iced in buttercream with all the accents made from fondant and then edged with ribbon.
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By lseely1979
Jan 5, 2008
all fondant, gumpaste ribbon, colors by the client
4 47
By paolacaracas
Jan 21, 2008
This little girl's party was held at the Great Wolf Lodge and the decorations were animal prints, so I was asked to incorporate 'water park' and 'animal print' in a cake to serve 10 people.  The pool is cake, the slide is RK treats - all covered with fondant; edible image animal prints.
7 37
By DianeLM
Dec 31, 1969
Here's the other side of the pool and waterslide
10 22
By DianeLM
Dec 31, 1969
Buttercream with royal roses.
2 8
By teenteen
Jan 26, 2008
I made this for my daughter's 16th bday.  My 1st attempt at fondant.  I learned alot working with it.  I will need to play with it more.  For all you who work with it, I applaud you for the awesome work you do.  It definitely is a talent.
6 20
By satin
Dec 31, 1969
For a 9 y/o girl's birthday party.
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By akslice
Apr 5, 2008
12" triple chocolate fudge cake and 8" white cake with buttercream frosting and MMF zebra stripes, giraffe print and grass.
8 80
By JulesM7
Apr 7, 2008
All bc, fondant ribbon and bow.
4 9
By arosstx
Apr 11, 2008
I am proud of the way this cake turned out.  It is a 8,6,4 inch cake with BC icing and fondant animal prints.  The amimals are made of white chocolate clay and the leaves are starburst.  Thanks for looking.
20 93
By pennywells
May 15, 2008
Sweet sixteen birthday party cake. 10", 8" 6". All fondant.
Thanks for looking!
7 44
By CharmingConfections
May 17, 2008
Made for twin girls' first birthday.  Small cakes all BC, large cake iced in BC with fondant stripes and bow.  A fun one!
4 47
By kimmy37
Jun 3, 2008
Animal Print Cake.  Giraffe and zebra tiers are fondant, the spots on the leopard tier are painted on with gold luster dust and a black outline.  The shoe is gumpaste.  Enjoy!
7 116
By DAV81
Jun 19, 2008
I made this cake for a ladies birthday and she loves animal print and purple.  So I put them together.  It is white cake with raspberry filling and covered in fondant with fondant accents.  Thanks for looking!
3 18
By jenbug_8806
Jun 23, 2008
My friend asked me to make an animal print cake for her cousin's birthday......I decided to do zebra this time inspired by so many of the great zebra cakes I have seen here!!!  Here is yet another one..........yellow cake with vanilla bc inside....finished in fondant with fondant accents.
14 214
By deanwithana
Jun 24, 2008
I made a stencil from animal print fabric, sprayed it first, then painted over with a more concentrated black.
5 19
By kdmandel
Jul 3, 2008
I didn't want to make the all-black/over-the-hill traditional cake, so I opted for something different.  I found inspiration through similar designs on here (CC) and from the decor I picked up at the local party store.
3 40
By Juny1980
Jul 5, 2008
This is almond and chocolate cake, made to look like animal print.
3 3
By messy_chef
Jul 9, 2008
NFS cookies for a fun twist on valentine's day
4 33
By pinkflamingo
Jul 12, 2008


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