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For a double bday for my nephews (1 and 3).  Shamu is a carved almond sour cream pound cake covered in fondant.  Base cake is a white scratch cake with BC icing.  Starfish, seaweed and anemones and lettering are royal icing.  Yellow Starfish cake in front is for the 1yr old. <ignore the toothpicks, forgot to pull 'em before snapping the picture> oops
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By destini377
Nov 14, 2006
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By IceMaidenUK
Mar 20, 2010
This cake I made for my son, to take to school today. Is is a carrotcake with cheesecreme. Basket in sugarpaste/marcipan, leaf and flowers in sugarpaste
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By Kagekonen
Apr 26, 2007
These are gumpaste anemone flowers that I made for my husband's birthday cake.  I used thread for the stamens and dipped them in cornmeal that I colored with black petal dust.
By Audraj
May 19, 2007
Mermaid sitting on a rock surrounded by sea creatures
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By minchan
Jan 23, 2007
These little Wood Anemone are made of suger paste and royal icing, for my easter cake.
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Sep 22, 2006
Gumpaste anemone, pincushion flower and bud, florist metallic wire, florist tape "leaves"
By alek0
Jun 22, 2008
Cake for my nephew's wedding - I made the gumpaste flowers (transported them to Phoenix from CA for the wedding )and put on the cake baked and frosted by a local baker. The bride selected this from a Elise Strauss cake photo she saw in a magazine. Purple flowers around the base are real.
By linstead
Jul 23, 2008
My first flowers!  Ugh... I like how it turned out, but how stressful!
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By MacsMom
Sep 1, 2008
6,9,12,16 ivory fondant with black piping and sugar flowers. the bride had a pic from a magazine and then drew up some changes she wanted made to it. thanks for looking, all comments appreciated!
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By shorty56
Nov 18, 2008
Fondant covered dummy cake with gumpaste decoration. Just for fun, wanted to see if I can make a hollow sphere :)
By alek0
Jan 11, 2009
I wantet to make something special for my mothers 50th birthday, so i did this 3tier dummy for decoration, she also gets a "real" cake, just for 10 people, tomorrow...
thanks for looking!
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By zipfi
Apr 10, 2009
That's the "real" cake i made for my moms 50th birthday!
By zipfi
Apr 13, 2009
A bride ripped out this picture from a magand brought it to me. I have no idea who the original designer was, if anyone knows, I would love to give them credit. Iced in tediously colored buttercream, white chocolate anemone molded flowers, and over 2500 edible pearls!
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By aligotmatt
Jun 1, 2008
SpringTime Belly Cakes!  

hand painted white/green fondant.  Black and White belly cake with an anemone clasp.
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By skeet1zp
Jun 3, 2009
i hated everything about this cake! that stupid border wouldn't work right. i used a fondant press/cutter thing and it wouldn't work. it was stressful transporting and stacking that really tall tier and to top it off the bride called me just before the reception to complain. in the end i think it looks good though, LOL, and now i can relax
By shorty56
Jun 5, 2009
Made this for a sorority sister's bridal shower.  WASC with almond buttercream and covered in fondant.  Gumpaste flowers are anemones.
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By Stephania27
Jul 15, 2009
My first attempt at a shoebox, gumpaste shoe, and gumpaste anemones. It was for a bridal shower. Yellow gluten-free cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache, iced in vanilla IMBC, covered in white MMF.  Used the template on CC for the shoe! So much fun to make.
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By CherryBlossomCakesDC
Jul 27, 2009
This cake matches the invitation. With personal items.
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By vibekekc
Aug 22, 2009
This was my first attempt and an anemone flower.  I am not super happy with it but i think its pretty.  I didnt have black stamens for I just rolled out some black fondant get the same look.  TFL :)n
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By SJ169
Aug 23, 2009
I took a demo cake I had done & I added some anemones made out of gumpaste/fondant mixture. I think adding these flowers made the cake!  TFL!
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By meri1028
Aug 31, 2009
This was the first time I have done anemones. The rings were a piped buttercream.
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By missantoinette
Sep 7, 2009
Wilton Class Final cake, vanilla cake with strawberry filling, strawberry flavoured fondant.  Flowers were 1/2 gumpaste 1/2 fondant, fondant leaves and drape.
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By cakecircus
Sep 15, 2009
I love Pregnant belly cakes. 2 regular sized cupcakes for breast and pyrex bowl for belly. Covered in fondant. Handmade Anemone fondant flower painted in gold luster dust. TFL! Comment please.
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By Angelfire3
Sep 17, 2009
6" chocolate cake with BC and raspberry filling and covered in fondant.  Stenciled in black bc and gumpaste anemones. Green fondant ribbon.
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By NatiMF30
Oct 29, 2009
10", 8", 6" foam cakes covered in fondant with gumpaste anemones and black bc piping.  First display cake for a booth.
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By NatiMF30
Oct 29, 2009
I made sugarpaste-flowers for the first time :-)
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By md2412
Nov 23, 2009
This was my first novelty cake.
By Mcm11
Dec 15, 2009
A black/white two tiered cake with a medium and large sized anemone.  I was very proud of this cake.  Fortunately, the photo hides a LOT of the flaws (smile).  Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!
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By Doughnut
Dec 20, 2009
My first anemone.  I am really happy how it turned out.  But there was a lot of cussing during the process of making it (lol).
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By Doughnut
Dec 20, 2009
white fondant covered cake.. black royal icing free hand piping.. thin lines were hand painted with black gel color.. i copied the design from a 2 tier wedding cake picture i found online.. gum paste anemones :)
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By jishel
Dec 21, 2009
First time I've done piping in a long was fun!  Lace piping inspired by a number of cakes on CC.   Cake was lemon with lemon buttercream.  Thanks for looking : )
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By Mom23Angels
Jan 9, 2010
8 59
By cakesncrumbs
Jan 24, 2010
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By jajpowers
Feb 6, 2010
Yes, i made my own bday cake....if i didn't, i would not have had one!  Anyhow, it's a cherry chip (my favorite) with chocolate butter icing, covered in fondant.  Topped off with a gumpaste Anemone.
By nicoledibiase
Feb 7, 2010
Four tier heart-shaped cake for a vow renewal ceremony on Valentine's weekend - 6, 9, 12, and 15.  6-in WASC w/buttercream filling. 9-in WASC w/choc ganache filling, 12-in lemon w/ lemon curd filling and 15-in lemon w/ raspberry cream filling.  Buttercream finish with gumpaste anemones and stephanotis, fondant swags and fondant covered cake board.  Puff base made by Earlene's instructions.
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By llbesq
Feb 16, 2010
This was my second cake.  It was for my daughter's first birthday.  It's made from the 3d/wedding cake recipe, and MMF.  It was much easier then my first attempt, but I tried piping and sugarpaste for the anemones which was definitely not easy.  I don't know how people work with this stuff, and make it look so effortless...someday!=)
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By allykat77
Feb 23, 2010
Hazelnut-cinnamon cake covered in modeling chocoalte, wth gumpaste flowers and dry gypsophila.
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By alek0
Mar 1, 2010
Anemone sugarpaste flowers and hand-piped scroll design
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By jamie76
Mar 2, 2010
Cake for a friend's b-day, it was a B/W theme.  I've seen other cakes here with this flower and wanted to try them (as  I posted before, first "real flower")  The cake was frosted with IMBC using the  combination of Sugarshack and upside down method, (w/o viva towel ) Gumpaste/fondant flowers, fondant ribbons. ( thanks again weirkd for your advice :-) ..Thanks for looking
9 40
By LuvLyrics
Mar 26, 2010


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