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Here is the same cake just another view.
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By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
Okay, hopefully the LAST time I have to do this marzipan fall cake this year. This is the third...but I like it. (The smell of almonds is making me crazy already!)
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By antonia74
Oct 1, 2005
My neighbour ordered a cake from me. The only trouble was they're vegans. She was nice enough to help me out by providing a recipie. I think it turned out pretty good. It's a carob cake (carob tastes like chocolate and is caffine free) and it has a carob glaze. The leaves, acorns, and the sign were made of marzipan.
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By Nermal03
Oct 7, 2005
Leaves, tree branch, flowers, acorns and rasberrys are made of gumpaste and then dusted with petal dust. Cake is yellow almond with apricot glaze, a layer of marzipan and then BC icing. Boarder is a tip 104 double swag Thanks to TammyAZ for help with my leaves!
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By golfgma
Dec 26, 2005
These are a few cakes that I did with a Fall theme.  All buttercream other than the acorns which were done in chocolate MMF and topped with buttercream.  The leaves on the top two cakes were silk that I found on sale at a discount store.  The bottom made from buttercream.
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By sunlover00
Dec 31, 2005
9 inch chocolate cake w/butter cream frosting. Gum paste leave, flowers and acorns. No reason for cake just needed to use up the left over gum paste decoration I had. Thanks for looking.
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By sue_dye
Aug 24, 2006
Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream. Followed the colors from napkins going to be used.
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By Edibleart
Sep 7, 2006
These cookies were done for a charity event.  All are NF sugar cookies with Antionia's RI.
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By AmyKay
Sep 11, 2006
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By sweeterbug1977
Sep 18, 2006
First time making a stump cake and what fun!  It is BC and modeled squirrel, toadstools and acorns are fondant.
I put the squirrel on top of the stump eating a daisy as a joke because one plagued his garden all summer!  I hope he loves it.
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By JaneK
Sep 30, 2006
Had an order for Squirrel cookies...???  Any way the client loved them!  They are NFSC with MMF and candy melt details.  
Squirrellycakes-where ever you are- this one is for you LOL  LOL  LOL
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Oct 8, 2006
This is a 2-layer 6" round spice cake with buttercream icing.  The only request for this cake was to make it with a fall theme, so I did beige basketweave and gold, burnt orange, and burgundy fondant leaves and brown fondant acorns to decorate the cake.
By rsaun
Oct 8, 2006
all gumpaste decorations edible (gold luster dusted horseshoes, acorns, pumpkins, leaves, pine cones).  Bride and groom pumpkin are fondant covered rice krispy balls with ridges in them.
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By tanyacakes
Oct 11, 2006
I made these for a fall festival bake sale this weekend.  They are vanilla-caramel cupcakes with spiced apple buttercream.  MMF acorns and leaves.
By Kate714
Oct 13, 2006
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By teesue
Oct 13, 2006
Done for a church function.  Chocolate chip bundt covered in ganache... fondant acorns and leaves..
By tye
Oct 15, 2006
These are NFSC, I used MMF, royal icing and some luster dust...
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By giovanna
Oct 20, 2006
Practice cookie
By throwemndapan
Oct 20, 2006
This is a yellow cake with pumpkin pie spice creamer, pumpkin-cream cheese filling and maple BC.  Fondant decorations.  Tootsie Roll rose.
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By Kate714
Oct 21, 2006
NFSC icin' cutters.  Sold at a church bazaar...bagged 1/2 doz. per bag.  They were too cute!
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By charman
Oct 25, 2006
leaves, pumpkins, acorns
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By charman
Oct 25, 2006
Cake is covered in fondant with fondant leaves and acorns.  Oh, and I painted it with gel food coloring.
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By Chefgirl
Oct 30, 2006
My first attempt at the NFSC recipe with Antonia's icing.  These took me forever, I don't think I'll be doing them again.
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By catscratchfever
Nov 5, 2006
A Michael's store, about 20 miles away, was offering this class. We also learned a maple leaf, oak leaf, a different way of doing crysanthemums, and corn on the cob. We didn't get to learning the turkey, fall berries, wheat stem, and cattail. Too tired to finish tonight, maybe tomorrow I'll add borders.
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By fmandds
Nov 10, 2006
NFSC w/airbrushed fondant and Alice's cookie icing details.
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By momsandraven
Nov 13, 2006
I made this for the HR lady at my husband's job.  They had their thanksgiving meal today and she ordered this for the party.  It's an 11X15" chocolate/chocolate chip cake with buttercream icing.  I made the leaves and acorns out of gumpaste and painted them all by hand.  Thanks for looking!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 14, 2006
My first ever try making these little guys.  I followed instructions from a sculpty clay book but made them with fondant.
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By KimAZ
Nov 19, 2006
This is a 2-layer 8" square cake covered in buttercream basketweave.  I made life-slzed maple and oak leaves out of brown fondant swirled with burnt orange and gold.  I hand sculpted the acorns from fondant and haphazardly placed it all on the cake to make it look like the ground after a sharp autumn breeze -- with acorns and leaves scattered all around.
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By rsaun
Nov 20, 2006
My first time making cookies!  I loved it!  NFSC with MMF
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By coolmom
Nov 22, 2006
A Fall themed caked with fondant leaves with luster dust and acorns.  A 11x15 french vanilla sheet cake with vanilla BC predivided with an impression mat made for Thanksgiving.  The children loved the acorns that were on the top and the on the bottom corners of the cake adorned with leaves.  TFL!
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By MrsAB
Nov 24, 2006
I've made 4 of these this Thanksgiving.  This one is a 9" chocolate/chocolate chip cake with BC.  The leaves and acorns are hand painted gumpaste.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 29, 2006
I made this cake for Thanksgiving.  Pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting, everything else is MMF and leaves coated with luster dust.
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By imtrying
Dec 1, 2006
no fail sugar cookies with MMF, luster dust and colored sugar
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By pinkflamingo
Dec 5, 2006
NFSC iced w/powdered sugar icing in fall leaf, turkey, pumpkin, and acorn shapes.
By kris10rae
Jan 14, 2007
Pumpkins, apples and acorns and (my really bad) freehand leaves are all marzipan. I just realized I misspelled Thanksgiving... oops!
By summerbaby
Jan 20, 2007
Got the idea from another cake on CakeCentral (Thanks).  The ghosts on top are lollipops covered in fondant.  The pumpkin is two mini bunt cakes stuck together.  The black "dirt" is crushed oreas (I actually used an orea pie crust to save time).  The little ghosts around the border were from some Wilton sprinkles....serious thorn in my side picking all those out!  The acorns and leaves (tough to see but the pumpkin is sitting on maple leaves) are fondant.
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By Virginia
Feb 20, 2007
German chocolate with fondant decorations
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By Jenn123
Mar 17, 2007
These were for a reunion at Beaver Creek state park. Sugar cookies with royal icing. Iced smoiooth and then painted on more icing for texture.
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By mqguffey
Jul 9, 2007
had a request to do an adirondack themed bouquet, but they didnt want cookies they wanted brownies.  So here it is;-)  It was hard trying to put those brownies on the stick though;-)
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By kden3980
Jul 26, 2007
Pumpkin and acorns....vanilla butter cookies with royal icing and glace..getting ready for my fall setup :)
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By chqtpi
Aug 10, 2007


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