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This cake was for a friends Grandma.  This cake actually was her present and was wrapped up in cellophane, hence why it is on a square board. This one of the first cakes I ever did.
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By randel
Apr 10, 2006
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By Ladivacrj
Apr 10, 2006
Again, Chocolate and etc. Ganache icing with vibrant two toned roses
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By dqsdaughter
Apr 21, 2006
We had a hard time with the Fondant this time. I few flaws here and there...
By TemptationJ9
Apr 27, 2006
They wanted 'fun' & 'red' for this grandma's bd.  Carrot cake w/cream cheese icing...what a booger to smooth!  Little crooked on the frame but loved having creative freedom for the design!
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By ladybug03
Jul 27, 2006
They just wanted something simple for an 80th birthday.
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By Edibleart
Sep 19, 2006
My MIL asked me to make a cake for her mom's 80th birthday.  It's a doctored white cake with buttercream filliing (haven't really ventured out into the fillings yet).  One lesson learned:  This was too much cake!  But it's nice to have a pic for my portfolio anyway so...
This is also the first cake I've made for someone else besides me ;)  I almost lost the top tier this morning.  I noticed it started toppling over.  That's why there is two layers of piping around the top tier to hide the board underneath
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By pippindipity
Oct 14, 2006
8" white choc mud cake with white choc ganache filling aswell as a white choc buttercream then covered in fondant, with simple gumpaste flowers and 80th number.
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By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 20, 2006
First, thanks to jenncowin for this design...perfect for Grandma's 80th Birthday!  Mine was a bit smaller w/an 8" round & 10" square.  First time doing swirls on the that!  Used a styrofoam 1/2 ball under the mound of roses.
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By ladybug03
Nov 30, 2006
This cake was for my FIL's 80th I decided to do a "this is your life"style with all the items in the bookcase being a part of his life and him sitting in his lounge chair.  This was a bit fiddly but enjoyable.  It went over well at his party.
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By Sparklepop
Dec 14, 2006
A close up of the details in the bookcase.
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By Sparklepop
Dec 14, 2006
I don't do adult cakes often but I did have fun with this one. The woman who ordered it gave me a tip too, the first time someone has done that (it's not common in New Zealand to tip) White Almond Sour Cream cake with white chocolate ganache icing and fondant roses. All edible apart from the candle.
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By amberhoney
Feb 16, 2007
The flowers are cupcakes.  This for a big 80th birthday party.
By AppleTreePreschool
Feb 27, 2007
Numbers are candy melts, with gold luster dust.  Flowers are MMF...I stink at flowers!!  The customer wanted that whole huge saying on it, so I made a little plaque and wrote it out instead.
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By Kate714
Mar 9, 2007
I made this cake for my great uncle who play a very little known sport called Trugo, which involves hitting a rubber donut with a mullet.
By kirst1310
Mar 23, 2007
This cake was a vision in my mind. The "8" is chocolate and the "0" is white cake iced in BC and hand carved from a sheet cake. The cactus were done with royal icing. The cake was sprayed red instead of coloring the icing red. I thought this would taste better and it did but I wasn't impressed with the look of the color. I tried to make rope on the bottom of the cake with BC. This was made for his suprise 80th western party. We all wore bandana's and cowboy hats. He was suprised and everyone loved the cake!
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By ajeffery2001
Apr 8, 2007
This was a yellow cake with BC, with a fondant hummingbird and royal icing flowers. I loved the colors,  but wished I could have done a more three dimensional hummingbird. Thanks for looking! I love this website!!
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By cakesfromhome
Apr 16, 2007
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By AmberC2
May 5, 2007
This cake was made for a family friend's 80th birthday. It was made using a petal pan and covered with butter cream. All of the flowers were handmade from fondant. The 80 was cut from fondant using cookie cutters and silver dragees.
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By aminton
May 15, 2007
No real theme so I got to play a bit. Thanks for looking!
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By GrannieJ
May 22, 2007
simple 80th birthday fruit cake
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By sweet_as_tisse
May 23, 2007
White cake with buttercream flavored with almond. 10" and 6".
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By Juneclever
Jun 4, 2007
By midialjoje
Jun 4, 2007
Did this for my hubby's grandma's 80th birthday surprise party!  she LOVED it & it was a huge hit!  the bottom is a double layer 9x13 french vanilla filled with "dirt" (choco pudding, crushed oreos, cool whip) the two number 80 cakes on top are double layers from the course 2 small oval pans.... these were both triple chocolate fudge cakes with the "dirt" filling .  there were for layers that were supposed to represent 4 generations in her family (the two bottom layers and the two numbers)
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By lildutch10
Jun 5, 2007
Buttercream with fondant flowers
By kellycakes4949
Jun 22, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's grandmother.  We are having a big party to celebrate her 80th birthday.  I made the cake to match the napkins and plates.
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By pastrypantry
Jun 23, 2007
all buttercream frosting. Made for my grandmother's80th.
By Bijoudelanuit
Jul 7, 2007
I made this for my grandmother's 80th birthday.  It is a quilt with various squares showing different things in her life.
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By lilmansmum
Jul 9, 2007
For my Grandfather's 80th b-day tomorrow. All buttercream. Bottom layer is vanilla present is chocolate. I cheated and used real ribbons and wooden numbers. Not my favorite color scheme, but my Gram's favorite color was yellow and Gramp's is blue.
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By NewMom41406
Jul 21, 2007
This was for my Grandmas's 80th Birthday,  I did the drop flowers with tip 2D
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By hlpgilbert
Jul 25, 2007
name plaque for an 80th birthday cake i have coming up,  the cake will be a fruit cake covered in almond paste then fondant for a lady who loves blue flowers..   all made out of fondant with tylose added...
6 13
By sweet_as_tisse
Jul 27, 2007
i had two days to do this cake, wish i could have done it better, i cant get rid of lumps on my cake, and my writing is awful!! tips welcome!
4 1
By button-moon
Aug 1, 2007
Carrot cake with cream cheese filling. I was wondering why i thought it would be easy enough to make this cake! Ugghhh! Alot of work. But overall i think it worked out alright.
3 7
By micfish
Aug 3, 2007
This was a cake for my DH's grandpa.  My first tiered cake, using dowel rods and all that!  
Bottom layer was white cake, cookies and cream filling and BC with edible images.  
2nd layer was chocolate cake, homemade caramel filling (from boiling sweetened condensed milk), and BC with a quilted pattern press.  
Top layer was white cake with BC filling and BC icing, with another edible image.  
The gold that you see was luster dust mixed with almond extract and painted on the BC.
The gold bow was ribbon
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By Heatherly30
Aug 7, 2007
80th birthday cake for a lady who loves the color blue and flowers,  9' fruit cake covered in almond icing then fondant.. the plaque i made a week or so ago... thanks for looking..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Aug 11, 2007
this cake was around 7" high.  the flower and writing were done with chocolate.
By cecilialovescake
Sep 9, 2007
This was my first ever attempt to do a cake. This was even before i
started going to classes...  Well my Grandad was impressed lol!
By hannahbaguley
Sep 24, 2007
Client asked for a cake for an 80 year old women. All she said was "do something pretty". This is wat I came up with. Center plaque is FBCT and roses are Fondant.
By Chuff
Oct 24, 2007
last minute order for a ladies 80th, she has three pet horses that she adores so her granddaughter asked if i could incorporate these into the cake, she also loves roses..  thanks for looking...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Nov 2, 2007
Cow Birtday Cake
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By heatherj
Sep 24, 2005


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