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Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  Used a 12x18 sheet and carved the top edge using a stencil for the tombstone shape.  Wilton's Color Mist in black over gray frosting adds to the look of an old tombstone.  (This was the idea of his younger wife...along with a surprise party.)
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By KC2BeAgain
Jun 4, 2005
oops!  sorry ~ another view that might be easier to look at
By thecakemaker
Jun 5, 2005
This was my first attempt @ a stacked cake.  It was for my Grandparents surprise 50th Anniversary party.  It was white chocolate cake w/ 7 different fillings.
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By Somethin-Sweet
Jun 23, 2005
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
Stacked 12" and 10" round, with a tiered 6" round on top.  Covered in MMF with a ribbon, bead border, and picot over the ribbon.
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By CakesByEllen
Jul 6, 2005
I really like the way this turned out!!!
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By GinaJuarez
Aug 1, 2005
Pineapple cake with MMF and buttercream icing under the MMF.  MMF ribbon roses with fondant drape.  I got a call on Thursday night for this cake that she wanted on Saturday.  Got to love when people wait to the last minute to order cakes lol
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By ntertayneme
Sep 11, 2005
I borrowed this idea from mamafrogcakes & gma1956, THANKS!  This is a quarter sheet golden yellow cake torted and filled with chocolate pudding.  My first time filling with anything other than buttercream, can't wait to try it.  The bag is MMF, the dirt is oreos & graham crackers mixed and buttercream icing.  I put little spiders and earthworms on the top and sides.
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By smileyface
Sep 26, 2005
This is my second Maxine Cake.  She is so much fun to decorate!!!
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By lng_1978
Nov 3, 2005
Did this for my sister and brother-in-laws joint 50th birthday. Three different kinds of cakes here, White Almond Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Butter Pecan with Chocolate Almond Buttercream between layers and Coconut Buttercream on the outside. Unfortunately this picture was taken before I brought the icing sleeves down onto the hands. Will post the backside next.Was an earlier cake I did in the spring before I knew much piping. Just got the pictures from my sister.
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By freddie
Nov 7, 2005
Back side of previously uploaded cake. Was one of my earlier cakes, had alot of fun making it resemble my sister and brother-in-law. The car is a cheat from the Party Store the theme of the party was, "Do You Remember 1955".Ached from all the stars though, this cake made me learn more piping so I wouldn't have to do that many stars ever again.
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By freddie
Nov 7, 2005
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By maru
Nov 14, 2005
This was for a surprise party. 3 tier stacked rounds decorated in buttercream icing.
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By traci
Dec 11, 2005
8,6 and 4" white w/ rolled BC filling, and white BC on outside.  "replica" of original wedding cake, just smaller.
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By bulldog
Dec 22, 2005
This was made for a 50th Birthday party for a Bowler. The party was at the Bowling alley. The cake was Yellow with buttercream icing and the alley was Yellow cake covered with marshmallow fondant. The girl was a plastic doll covered with fondant and buttercream.
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By samymccray
Jan 6, 2006
This cake was iced in buttercream with fondant dogwood flowers dusted in gold for a 50th wedding ann.
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By pinkflamingo
Jan 15, 2006
i made the women and mirror out of chocolate.
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By jenscrativecakes
Jan 18, 2006
this was supposed to have gum paste flowers but i ran out of time and im not that good yet.someday..this was my first attemptwith luster dust and i think its great!! adds alot of color and "bling" imo
By tabs8774
Feb 2, 2006
Made the plaque from gumpaste, wrote using an edible marker.
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By sweetcakes
Feb 8, 2006
9x13    gold leaves and rings, plaque is gumpaste and writing was done using a projector.
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By sweetcakes
Feb 9, 2006
Each layer is a different flavor. Pearls were made with white chocolate paste.
I also used Test Tube oil candles in the center of the flowers
By tkyker
Feb 12, 2006
here's another pitures
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By tkyker
Feb 12, 2006
Double chocolate layer cake. All the icing, piping and filling made with cheftaz's white chocolate buttercream. This is the first cake I have ever tried to decorate
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By harc
Feb 25, 2006
This was for my Aunt whose favorite color is blue.  The light blue frosting was a little deeper than it shows in the pic.  My first multi-layer cake.  I didn't look for instructions, but since being on here have learned alot. I also ran out of the light blue frosting, and had to tweek my original design a bit.  I also need to practice my stars!!!  Live and learn!!!
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By steph95
Mar 5, 2006
i did this for my boss he turned 50 and also went on a bear hunt in alaska. one of my first cakes.
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By angela09
Mar 6, 2006
I had intended to place the guitar cake on top of this 11"x15" 2-layer sheet cake, but turned out the guitar was a bit too large.  So, I coordinated the colors and sent 2 separate cakes!
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By jdelectables
Mar 6, 2006
I made this for my mother when she turned 50.  This was only like the 3rd cake I'd ever done, but she was happy with it.  Well, I don't really think she liked it when we lit all 50 of those candles!!
By mmdd
Mar 9, 2006
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By augustlm
Mar 11, 2006
This cake was carrot with cream cheese icing. The flowers are sprayed with non toxic gold spray paint and arranged on top.
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By Kazoot
Mar 14, 2006
Choco cake and canned choco frosting.  All decorations are done with cream cheese frosting.  My first sheet cake (had to use 2 - 9x13s) and was double layer with choco filling.  I knew the invites had polka dots on them and that they liked the star flower, other than that I was given free reign!
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By nocentstar
Mar 27, 2006
This is the cake that I had posted before.  This is just a much better picture of it.  The cake is a "dummy" cake covered in fondant with 50/50 roses, and handpainted gold accents.
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By sweeterbug1977
Apr 1, 2006
I decorated this cake for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.  This is a close-up of the gumpaste roses I made for the first time.
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By projectqueen
Apr 11, 2006
I decorated this cake for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party.  Buttercream icing with gumpaste roses and Wilton's anniversary pick.  First time making cornelli lace, swiss dots and gumpaste roses!  My parents were thrilled.
16 72
By projectqueen
Apr 11, 2006
Customer didn't know what they wanted except NO BLACK.  I went with a R,W & B theme.  Nothing fancy but they liked it.
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By jewels625
Apr 18, 2006
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By Adelia
Apr 18, 2006
I made this cake for my Dad's 50th bday. I baked the cake in a coffee can. I used wooden dowels and cardboard for the clubs. The strap and front decoration are made from fruit rollups.
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By peachquilter
Apr 21, 2006
I believe it was chocolate amazon cake with probably a liquer brushing and iced with (whipped) ganache, fresh flowers and chiffon ribbon.
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By dqsdaughter
Apr 21, 2006
This was for my father's 50th birthday a few years was a surprise party!  The cake is iced in chocolate BC and then sprayed with Wilton color mist stuff (I don't own an airbrush yet).  It was made to look like a tombstone.
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By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
For my stepmother's 50th, I did a frozen BC transfer of a sheep (she LOVES sheep) and embelished the front (did NOT like the look of it flat).  I mixed raspberry filling with shortening-based BC.  The cake was a little thin but she still loved it!  This year, she's getting the 3D sheep!
By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
8 2
By HeidiPSU
Apr 27, 2005


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