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This is a 2 layer cake with the bottom layer being chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling and the top being butter cake with whipped ganache filling.  It was repeated on both teirs so that people could try both flavors.  Icing and decorations were bc.  This is probably my least favorite cake that I have made recently.  It's a long story.....don't ask.
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By llj68
Jun 30, 2005
I made this cake for a friend of mine who is turing 40.  For the record, no I don't think this age is over the hill but had to pick on her cause I am not there yet, LOL.  She loves horses so I the first thing that came to mine was to make a tired Old Mare so we can put her out to pasture.  The horse is a BCT and the cake is chocolate fudge with mini morsels.  The icing is chocolate buttercream.
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By smileyface
Dec 15, 2005
3 colorful tiers for a lady turning 40. The topper is a big lollipop from party city. This was a lot of fun to do!
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By traci
Jan 4, 2006
simple 40th anniversary cake for my inlaws.  critiques welcome!
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By mindy
Jan 16, 2006
This is a butter cake with buttercream icing.  Idea of the bra and verse was from here!
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By _ChristyB_
Jan 28, 2006
This cake was done for a customer's husband who hunts rabbits with his beagles.  Fondant beagles and rabbits.
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By _ChristyB_
Feb 13, 2006
This was a cake I did for a 40th Anniversary.  The cake was butter with raspberry filling and whipped cream bc for icing and decoration.  The roses are fresh and I arranged them on site.  I saw this scrollwork in the Wilton Yearbook and hand-drew it onto the cake as I did not have the press set that was required.  It is piped with #18 and then overpiped with #14.  The next time I do it I will use smaller diameter tips.
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By llj68
Feb 27, 2006
Fondant cake (painted on leopard print), w/ fondant bow, for a 40th birthday.
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By cakesbyallison
Feb 28, 2006
A customer saw a similar cake on my website and decided on this version. They loved the sucker on the top.
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By traci
Mar 5, 2006
I made this cake for my neighbor's 40th birthday.
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By Michele25
Mar 10, 2006
This is similiarto Wilton's "Time is Slipping Away" cake on their website.  It was fin to do.  It is actually a 1/2 sheet butter cake with BC icing.  

Thanks for looking!
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By luv2cake
Mar 12, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's 40th birthday.  At the party I added some silver "curvy sticks" that made it look like a volcano exploding.  I forgot to take a good picture of it of course!  You can view other cakes on my website at Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Mar 16, 2006
Here's a cake for a friend who turned 40. She wanted something simple and I went with a bath ... she absolutely loved it and it was very cute!
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By bmote1
Apr 4, 2006
Just finished this one for my DSIL's 40th bday tomorrow. I don't own an airbrush machine, so I had to do it by hand. I used makeup sponges and food color. I loved the way it came out.
By peachquilter
Apr 22, 2006
when will I ever learn about rotating before uploading .... sorry guys!
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By bmote1
Apr 22, 2006
I'm sure there must be a few of you sweet cake ladies who are a bit tired of me uploading two pictures almost every time I upload - my reason for this is that every single time I design a cake I spend a long time searching the net for detailed ideas ... which is why I upload close up off my little people - I would love to help anyone wanting to get an idea!
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By bmote1
Apr 22, 2006
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By _ChristyB_
May 8, 2006
I got the idea from your site!  This cake was for my twin sister-in-laws who were turning 40!  It was a big hit at the party!  There were some pics taken that I cannot share!
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By BunnyRunster
May 21, 2006
By BunnyRunster
May 21, 2006
This was for a surprise party for our local eye doctor.  They brought me a napkin and I designed it from it. It is a 12X18 white with bc.
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By bug101
Jun 3, 2006
I did this cake for my Aunt's Best Friends's 40th birthday.  They gave me creative license and this is what I came up with.  It is a 3 layer topsy turvy cake with an extra 16in cake on the side to make the flat part of the island.  

Mediums were buttercreme, fondant, royal icing, chocolate candy sticks, and pretzels.

This was a lot of fun creating.  Thanks for looking.
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By katwm999
Jun 5, 2006
I copied a cake from teesue that I loved! Thanks for the inspiration! My sister was turning 40 and my brother who shares the same birthday turned 35. We were camping so I just left the cake in the pan so it would travel better. They both loved it! BTW I blew up the pic on teesue's cake and did a fbct with it!
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By karebere
Jun 14, 2006
This cake was made for my cousin who is turning 40! His wife wanted a fishing cake, she left the design up to me. I found out that he has a special lake he goes fishing on. So, I made this fisherman out of fondant sitting on the bank of the lake. He is sitting on a fondant ice chest w/tootsie roll beer bottles around him, holding onto a fishing pole(wood dowel) w/real fishing line(hard to see in picture). The cake is a basic white mix w/almond extract and the frosting is buttercream.
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By dudavis
Jun 22, 2006
This is mudcake with chocolate ganache. This was the first time I had used ganache and had a lot of trouble with trying to get it neat and smooth. The cake was for a surprise 40th and I was given a description of what the couple looked like when they fell in love and had to come up with something so I decided on a romantic picnic. The red flowers, figures and picnic basket are modelling paste (gumpaste) and the leaves are piped royal icing.
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By ozcake
Jun 26, 2006
Vanilla Cake with bc filling.  Cakes covered in fondant.
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By Tat
Jul 6, 2006
I posted a picture earlier today, but decided to lower the top tier.  Now, I'm done with this one....and on to the next!!
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By Tat
Jul 6, 2006
This cake was made to look like the wedding cake of 40 years ago and also the unity candle.  I stacked square cakes and made messy swirls in the buttercream... easy!
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By divaofcakes
Jul 8, 2006
Fondant game of Life for a 40th birthday.  Special occassions in his life were all around the board.  Game piece was a mini fondant golf cart - huge family joke there!
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By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
Two tier Anniversary cake, vanilla buttercream with red accents for the "Ruby" anniversary
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By celticoak
Jul 29, 2006
This cake was made for a friend on her mothers b-day.  I used white choc. to make the circles and put a purple glazed icing to the top of tiers.  We wanted to cake to look like it was falling in on itself.  This was my first tiered cake and first to make unlevel.
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By NicoleLindsey82
Aug 2, 2006
This cake was for my mothers 40th Birthday.  The circles are white chocolate with purple coloring.  the top of the tiers are purple glaze with balck icing piped in design.  I crumbled the rest of the left over chocolate to cover the bottom of the tray.  Everyone had balck andpurple mouths after eating this cake.  The tiers are also tilted just a little for a little more pizazz.
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By NicoleLindsey82
Aug 2, 2006
I have trouble with flat icing but this was my first attempt this year and I hand painted Tigger on the top for my friends 40th Birthday as she is mad on Tigger, As this was my first attempt at flat icing I was quite please and even though there was a small crack through the icing my friend was over the moon with her cake :o)
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By amandajayne28
Aug 15, 2006
This was for my husband's surprise 40th birthday party.  I hadn't done a fondant cake in over a year (as you can tell!) but I was generally pleased with the result.  Two-tiered chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry buttercream filling.
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By allissweets
Aug 16, 2006
Hey, I actually made another sale (my 4th)!  This is a 40th birthday cake requessted by a co-worker for a friend.  It is 11x15 french vanilla (doctored mix) cake with (Toba Garrett's) buttercream icing, strawberry filling.  I am actually happy with the way this one turned out; hope my customer likes it!
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By MomLittr
Aug 30, 2006
Marble cake, torted with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. Frosted with vanilla and chocolate also. Added a brown ribbon around the board after I took the picture. Used an idea from the 2006 Wilton Yearbook.
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By Edibleart
Sep 3, 2006
All Buttercream except for the cracker house, the pretzel tree trunks and the toothpick for the fishing pole in the boat.  Modeled after a cake from the Wilton Yearbook and changed slightly to look like my brother's favorite vacation spot.  The water is piping gel.
By CDhartman
Sep 12, 2006
This is the year of 40th birthdays and we celebrated another with a good friend last night.  6" triple chocolate cake with Bailey's cream filling.  36 fondant candles, and 4 real were added at the restaurant.  Had planned to do a Red Sox theme, but my husband cautioned me due to their poor season, so just picked up on the red, white and blue.
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By FunCakesVT
Sep 24, 2006
This is an Italian Cream Cake and decorated in black to tease someone's daughter-in-law about getting old.  It's for her 40th birthday.  I think that makes me ancient then.  YIKES! LOL
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By StandingForJesus
Oct 1, 2006
11x15 sheet cake for a friend's 40th birthday.
By Rainbow
Oct 6, 2006
2-layer vanilla cake with 40 buttercream roses in assorted colors for a friend's 40th birthday.  Basketweave sides for a basket of roses look.
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By KC2BeAgain
Jun 4, 2005


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