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3d Shaped Cakes Articles

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Sculpted Cake: How to Make a 3D Owl Cake

Posted by nightowl The inspiration for this cake was a cake I saw on the cover of Debbie Brown's Magical Cakes. I altered the idea to create an academic themed cake for my grad advisor's birthday, dressed in academic regalia from her alma matter. The owl has a to-do list for her students. 1. To construct the owl cake, use a 13"x19" sheet cake, one sports ball cake, and one pair of mini bundt cakes. It is best to use a stiff consistency cake. For this particular cake, I used sour cream pound cake. I cut the 13"x19" cake into six sections: 4 roughly 6.5"x8", and... read more

How To Make a 3D Fire Helmet Cake

Posted by thecakemaker Step-by-step Instructions on making a 3-D Fireman's Helmet Cake This cake was made as a “his” cake for a “his and her’s” bridal shower for friends of mine in New York.  It would also make a great grooms cake or birthday cake. It helps to have a picture of a helmet or a plastic fire helmet to get your dimensions.  I was lucky enough to be able to borrow an actual fire helmet for this one. 1. First, the shield for the front of the helmet. You want to make this in advance so it can dry.  I made mine from a picture of a New York fire... read more

Step-By-Step 3D Cake Sculpting (Baby in a Flower Pot)

Posted by Anonymous How To Make A Sculpted Cake (Baby in a Flower Pot) By the generous and very talented: Anne Hjelte/WelchSince so many of you seem curious as to how one of these things comes together, I thought you all might enjoy the picture filled journey down the path of a sculpted cake. 1. The preliminary scketch A week before the day of the shower, I started all my prep work.....which included: making the flowers, out of gumpaste *making modeling chocolate and kneading in all the colors I would need *making the umbrella out of... read more

How to Carve A Spiral Cake

Posted by Berecca [featuredcakes] A lot of people have been asking for the photos that I took of my hiking cake while it was in progress. So here are the photos with explanations on them. 1.  First place your toothpicks into the top of the cake where you would like the path to be. 2.  Now, mark your cake how steep you want your path to be with more toothpicks. Only go about half way down the cake. By the time the toothpicks meet up with the tooth picks on top, you'll be adding more cake to complete the path later on. 3. Next, cut down into the... read more

How to Make a 3D Tank Cake

Posted by Mike_Elder A really simple little sherman tank cake.  Only takes about 45 minutes to make and is really cute.  My nephew loved it and even the turret turns a little. This is a pretty simple, straight forward little cake.  I started with 2 tall 1/2 sheets and a single 5" round. I begin by stacking the 2 half sheets as usual and trim them down a little to the correct shape.  Its a pretty simple shape.  wider at the tracks and of course tapered at the front and sloping to the rear. I find it best to google some reference images before I begin and... read more

How to Make a 3D Wedding Dress Cake

Posted by Soepkip [featuredcakes] This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a wedding dress cake. This project is perfect for engagement cakes, bridal shower cakes, Quinceañera dress cake. 1. We are going to make an all edible wedding dress cake. Of course you can use this also for making an evening gown. 2. Bake two cakes. I have used 1 half bowl 12cms and 1 small kids cake pan also 12cms. The more people, the bigger your cake pans, the bigger your cakes. 3. Fill your cakes like you are used to with creme and jam or what you... read more

How to Make a Rose Cake

Posted by alvarezmom [featuredcakes] 1.) I baked two 6” & two 8” round cakes. Tort, fill and crumb coat as usual. *Don’t worry about them looking pretty it wont matter. Optional Step Cover in fondant 2.)To make the center of the rose it’s all about “eyeing” it. The center part will be fat this is to ensure that it is able to hold the first couple of petals with out tipping over. 3.)You can either take one long strip and roll it on or several smaller strips about 3-4 inches and put them on. I looked at my model picture as a guide.... read more

How to Make a 3D Turkey Cake

Posted by MrsMissey     It is that time of year again and I am getting quite a few requests for the directions for my roasted turkey.   I baked the following: 1 x 9x13 cake 1 x half egg (the large one) cake 8 mini egg half cakes   I started out by putting the 9 x 13 on a regular turkey serving plate for effect but you don't have to! Place your large egg shaped cake (round side up) and put on top of the 9 x 13 cake, with icing in between to hold in place. I didn't use any dowels or any support. Carve the 9 x 13 to match the shape of the... read more

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