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Stacked squares iced in buttercream with fondant bow on top.
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By pinkflamingo
Feb 24, 2006
I made this for a customer.  His friend, Lucky, is turning 30 and evidentilly, that's over the hill.  :0)  Yellow base round, chocolate top round (so the hole looks like real dirt).  Fondant head, arms/hands & feet (can't see feet) with buttercream clothes, hair & facial features.  Everything else is BC too.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Mar 23, 2006
I just wanted to add this picture, because I was searching this site for an example of a 30th birthday cake for a man, and couldn't find one that I could use.  Most of the cakes were for women, or were very elaborate & this cake only needed to serve 7 & also had to travel with my friend for an hour in the car.... so, I hope this helps someone in the future, to find a simple idea!  =)
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By OCakes
Apr 29, 2006
I made this for a customer who was having his party at a club in DC, so needed it to feed 75+.  This was an 12X18 base with an 11X14 top tier.  All marble cake.  Silver dragees used and the rest is buttercream.  The champagne bottles are plastic and the ribbon is real ribbon.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 8, 2006
A lot of people at the party didn't realize the cake is supposed to look like it's falling over (it was for a 30th birthday party).  Although I like how it turned out in the is not at all what I envisioned.  The frosting would not cooperate in the humidity.  Bottom layer (10") is yellow cake with strawberry filling, middle layer (8") is chocolate cake with oreo cream filling, top layer (6") is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting filling.  Frosted in chocolate bc w/ fondant luster dusted stars
By vovo379
Jul 13, 2006
I realized after the cake left me that I forgot the d in birthday.  But the customer loved it.  The numbers we cut from a sheet cake.  They were a pain to ice though.  The curls on the corners are fondant.
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By shannas
Sep 28, 2006
I made this for my sister-in-laws 30th. She loves music and dancing and is a bit out there so I thought this would suit her!! She loved it!
By YummyFireMummy
Oct 9, 2006
This cake is for a co-worker who turns 30 on on the 10th. My fiance really helped with the concepts. It is so morbid though that I kept laughing after a little while... I bought the grave stones from a party supply store they are department 56.
By aquibell
Oct 9, 2006
This is the cake design for the winner of the cake certificate that I submitted to my work's JDRF 2006 Silent Auction Fundraiser. The winner wanted it made for a surprise 30th birthday party. It is white cake, strawberry filling, and chocolate buttercream.
By m0use
Oct 11, 2006
Apparently, a Miller High Life 30-pack is called a "dirty 30".  Woman ordered this for her fiance's birthday "dirty 30" party.
By LeckieAnne
Oct 19, 2006
MMF covers this yummy set of lips. Hershey kisses were given out, too.
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By Ladymoon
Nov 8, 2006
I made this for my good friend's 30th birthday party.  The bottom is vanilla cake with cookies & cream filling, buttercream icing and the top is mocha chocolate chip cake with cream cheese filling and frosting.  MMF and buttercream decorations and bobbles.  Lots of fun to make!
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By ksimp6577
Nov 9, 2006
A friend turning 30 and she just needed people to be kind. ALL chocolate and choco tootsie roses. candy spikes and a cupcake top to elevate flowers
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By tirby
Nov 11, 2006
30th birthday cake, "Almost over the hill".  12" strawberry cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting on the bottom.  Hill cake was using a wonder mold with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Fondant figure.  I ran out of time so I didnt get to pipe Happy Birthday on the cake.
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By MamaAmity
Nov 20, 2006
For a couple of girls at work who thought turning 30 was old, I created the over the hill cake using dolls instead of icing, so that they'd have a reminder afterwards of the event. So now they'll know what it's like to be buried alive. :)
By ItstheJ
Feb 2, 2007
Cupcake cake with all BC.
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By ahmommy
Mar 24, 2007
8" white and choc. cake w/ cookies and cream filling. Totally stole the idea from jenncowin (Thank you!). I've never had sushi so had to kind of guess what the different components were. The sushi rolls are twinkies wrapped in MMF. All other pieces made from MMF. Cake frosted in BC. 
Thanks for looking!
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By cindww
Mar 28, 2007
This cake was requested for an 'over the hil' 30th birthday party.  I didn't want to do an actual 'over the hill' theme since she's only 30, so I did a variation on the black and white theme.  I then used accent colors that were in the napkins to be used at the party.
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By cakeshy
Mar 29, 2007
Cake for my friends 30th Birthday.  Dark chocolate cake with whipped topping frosting and chocolate buttercream decorations.  My 3 year old helped by putting the candles on.  (He loves to help me decorate!)  My friend called me next day and raved about the cake and the frosting and asked for the recipes.  I must have done something right!  lol
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By tabbiekat
Apr 2, 2007
mmf accents and gumpast "30" and banner
By MommyEdzards
May 29, 2007
10" triple chocolate layer and 10" vanilla layer filled and iced with buttercream.  All decorations made with fondant.  This was for a lady that is an avid scrapbooker and crafter.  A fun cake to make.
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By MamaAmity
May 29, 2007
This was made before I found out about the wonderful smoothing trick of Viva! :-) My brother-in-law was 
sensitive about turning 30, so this is what I came up with. It's an 11x15 Funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream.
I used a press-set for the lettering, but I think I like free-handing better.
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By Staceface81
May 30, 2007
All buttercream frosting on a chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling.  I had a hard time deciding on a design/color scheme that was a little more masculine but love how this cake turned out!
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By jamilyne
Jun 1, 2007
Made for my bil and his sil for their joint 30th b-day celebration.  6/8/10 cakes with mmf decos and gumpaste stars and 30.
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By dodibug
Jun 9, 2007
Hand carved,yellow cake w/chocolate mousse filling covered in fondant
By doitallmom
Jun 21, 2007
made this cake for a friend of my mom's.  My mom wanted a "29 and holding" party for someone unhappy about turning 30.  My first attempt to make this kind of cake with the help of a CC member, Kim C.  (Sorry I don't know your username.)
By krysoco
Jul 4, 2007
This is a cake for my brother in law's 30th birthday.  Each side of the square cake on top has pictures of things that he is interested in.  It is all buttercream.
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By jaswift
Jul 12, 2007
This is a full sheet cake with the 30 cut from a 1/4 sheet.  The theme of the party was 30 is the new 20.  I thought it was a really fun cake.  Icing that 30 sure was difficult though!  Thanks for looking
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By tnt320to
Jul 17, 2007
Next time I do a cake with double figures, I MUST remember to leave enough of a gap between the two numbers so I can pipe the shells around the bottom!  I was hanging over this cake at all sorts of angles!
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By Relznik
Aug 2, 2007
This is the same cake that I uploaded the other day but with a new icing job. I learned the hard way that when you put fondant on whipped icing the fondant turns to a puddle. I re-cied the same cake with green BC instead of white whipped icing, a better variation for my sister after all since her favorite color is green! Banana Creme cake anyway, is very good!
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By SweetRocky
Aug 6, 2007
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By Cg24
Aug 13, 2007
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By Cg24
Aug 13, 2007
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By jo0312
Aug 24, 2007
Chocolate and vanilla double layer cake with chocolate chip filling.  Made to look like wood and nails.
By Jodiey
Aug 26, 2007
Chocolate and vanilla 10" double layer cake with chocolate chip filling.  My fiance is a carpenter so I made this cake for his 30th birthday
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By Jodiey
Aug 26, 2007
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By BCo
Aug 27, 2007
10" round 2-layer marble cake with buttercream icing.  Made this for a group 30th birthday bash.  The icing started bulging about halfway through the party, so we ate that side first!  Thanks for looking.
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By jenwright
Sep 2, 2007
After 30 years of marriage, hubby and I thought we could go out for a dinner, just the two of us.  With 7 kids we don't get out much.  Puppy had an allergic reaction to a shot and it took all night to nurse him back.  There is always the 31st. Anniversary.  Anyway, this was a quick cake.  6" Chocolate fudge cake with BC icing on the bottom layer, and 3"  chocolate fuge cake with strawberry filling for the top layer.   All BC frosting.
By vickymacd
Sep 23, 2007
I made this cake for a close friend of mine. I was one of my biggest challenges yet, as it was a 14" cake.  Although it is very simple. I
am pleased with how i piped the writing. And the model on the
cake is meant to look like my friend. I was very pleased with the 
model as that is the first one i've ever done.
By hannahbaguley
Sep 25, 2007
Made for a friend who wanted to keep her age a secret!
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By kyliem
Jul 12, 2005


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