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This was my first attempt at figure piping. I love the pink elephants for a 21st birthday!  I ended up doing another one the same week for a co-worker's daughter! Such fun!
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By lynsval
Sep 23, 2005
favorites for a 21st! fondant beer bottles, plastic clown heads, happy sprinkle icing, *yay*.
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By raeniedais
Mar 10, 2006
This is a fruit cake covered in fondant with build up royal icing.  The flowers are made out of flowerpaste.  This cake really looked effective but was very time consuming.  I think the flowers on the top should have been smaller.
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By randel
Mar 22, 2006
This was a double layer 1/2 sheet cake for a friend turning 21. It is buttercream icing with fondant ribbon, bow, and dots.  It was a lot of fun to do and she loved the bright colors.
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By luv2cake
Apr 25, 2006
I did this for my own 21st birthday party - am i crazy or what?!
Not the best photograph in the world, but you get the idea! The base was chcolate biscuit cake, and the top was chocolate spngue.  Each layer was surrounded by chocolate curls.  The stars are made from petal paste with wires pushed through,then I painted the stars with alcohol and sprinkled glitter dust on them.
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By jennyisajellybelly
May 8, 2006
A mini orange and chocolate chip cake...Link for pictures and details
It was covered in royal icing and sugar paste for the smaller decorative bits
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By suyin
Jul 20, 2006
Male 21st Birthday Mudcake. Covered in Chocolate Pettinice icing. The theme was a student attending University studying accountancy and likes the odd ale.Decorations made from coloured fondant.
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By Briarview
Aug 24, 2006
I really liked the simplicity of this cake.  The birthday girl was completely obsessed with pink and wanted something simple with butterflies.  The butterflies are rhinestones attached with royal icing.  Cake is mmf 8", 6", and 4" double layers, plain vanilla cake (dyed hot pink!) with buttercream icing.
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By saltystella
Sep 18, 2006
I made this for my sister's 21st birthday.  She wanted a pink and black martini themed cake, so that's what she got!  IMBC, fondant decorations
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By yellowjacket
Sep 27, 2006
one of two cake pictures i have of my boyfriends cake i made and decorated for his 21st b-day its of the hatchet man its three layers triple cho on top and bottom and a fugde brownie in the middle with rich creamy cho frosting in the layers
By urbldmyskn
Oct 3, 2006
All buttercream
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By jenncowin
Oct 5, 2006
I made this cake for my sisters 21st cake. She had a good and evil theme. Everyone at the party loved it! The middle looked a little lumpy cos my 1 year old daughter stabbed it with scissors after I had iced it so I had to put more over the top to cover. It wasn't as smooth after that!! I could have killed her!!!
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By YummyFireMummy
Oct 9, 2006
21st birthday cake for a friends niece,  not sure if i like the colors,  but its what they wanted!!   white choc mud with white choc ganache filling with IMBC frosting and a mix of gumpaste and mmf accents.
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By sweet_as_tisse
Oct 20, 2006
Yummy yummy choc mud cake, all the decorations are chocolate.
By Chaynce
Oct 23, 2006
This was done in BC and colored piping gel.  It was made for my nieces fiances 21st birthday.
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By shannan6607
Oct 23, 2006
I did these ookies for my brother's 21st birthday, to go alog with a beer cake.  I used Martha's sugar cookie recipe and covered them with MMF.  They are blue and white for his favorite football team, the Colts.
By aminium
Oct 24, 2006
This must have been the most difficult cake. Made for my SIL. Buttercrean with fondant accents. Only thing non edible ia the wilton bottles in ice buckets
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By spottydog
Dec 4, 2006
first attempt at a 2 tier, this one was choc mud on the bottom and white mud on the top. I just love the hot pink colour,  the letters on top where made from chocolate and the stars from gumpaste.
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By AmazeMe
Nov 5, 2006
This was a 12" square white cake with vanilla BC and yellow roses.  Made for a friend's 21st birthday.  Thanks for looking.
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By egarman
Nov 19, 2006
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By jamjentyler
Nov 29, 2006
I made this cake for my niece's 21st birthday.  It is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate pudding filling (her favorite PMS cake).  The label was my first big FBCT and I'm THRILLED with it!!
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By bethallan
Dec 1, 2006
chocolate mud cake with ganache filling.  fondant with MMF accents, RI piping & hand made ribbon bow.  This is my present to my cousin for her 21st. hope she likes it.
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Dec 7, 2006
Betty Boop 21st Birthday Cake
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By Delitful
Dec 12, 2006
vase shape dummy cake, this is the idea i have been dreaming about for more than a week so i just had do something to get it out of my  it all started when i brought the cupcake paper cups you see around the bottom.  i plan on offering this as the top of a cupcake display for 18th 21st or even a wedding..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 1, 2007
For the baby of the office where I work, she is turning 21 tomorrow and didn't think to take the day off! So we have organised a morning tea and I was asked to do the cake. its white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate bc sides, choc bc top. stars are white choc brushed with gold dust.
3 4
By amberhoney
Jan 13, 2007
Yes its very sad, I had to do my own 21st cake (i had a super hero party)
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By Delicate-Lee
Jan 30, 2007
This cake was for my sister's 21st b-day.  It's an exact replica of a purse I bought to give her as her gift.  The handle and all the details were made of mmf.
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By miti
Feb 4, 2007
Client submitted a photo that I adapted.  8in square yellow 2 layer cake.  Martini glass is 50/50 fondant/gumpaste.  Drew olive in food coloring, dusted with yellow petal dust for the "liquid" in the glass, oversprayed with super pearl dust via airbrush.  The rest is buttercream.  Sprinkled cake sparkles on the blank parts by the glass  since it looked awfully plain to me.  The client said it was "perfect" tho.
6 10
By karateka
Feb 11, 2007
Chocolate fondant covered confetti cake.  Royal icing martini glasses with fondant 21 decorations.  Royal icing confetti decoration on 22ga. wire.  Birthday candles were sparkler candles with the number 21 made with royal icing.  Martini glass is filled with decorations and cupcake topped with fondant olive, this was my thank you gift for the customer.
5 9
By craftmasterchris
Feb 20, 2007
Cousin's 21st birthday cake.  Bottles are small, sample bottles of alcohol.  Next time I will make it a square to give a better "box" feel and do a different color ribbon (I was trying to re-use icing from Christmas).
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By trumpetmidget
Mar 1, 2007
Great cake for someone turning 21!  The ears are made of fondant.
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By AppleTreePreschool
Mar 1, 2007
i was supposed to be 'helping' my friend with this one - for her niece - but you know how it is, i kinda took over...sorry pam....she did have most of the say wih the colours and the fish were her idea - we spotted them in a book. both layers chocolate with white choc ganache and fondant decorations.
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By amberhoney
Mar 2, 2007
Two layer chocolate cake, carved to be circular, pink fondant covering and silve and pearl lustre decorations.
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By soppymop
Mar 14, 2007
this was a lot of fun... it had to be a purple elephant witha DD pink bra in a bubble bath was done for her sister.  My first go at something like this ie a bath elephant but i am over the moon with it as was the lady who ordered it and so was the birthday girl... all are made from fondant with hardner added. i painted the bath with silver lustre mixed with rosewater... i rolled all the bubbles in bath and around the cake by hand and dusted with a lovely shimmer with tint of blue.
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By Ariginal
Mar 17, 2007
Done for a young girls 21st birthday, who loves travelling and is very girly.  Was given a photo of the girl to work from.  Cake is vanilla sponge with strawberry jam.
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By Arty
Mar 20, 2007
I got this idea from sillyoldpoohbear.  Her version is fabulous!  Check out her gallery, she does wonderful work!  This was for a friend's daughter's 21st birthday.  She loves shopping for shoes and purses.  White and chocolate layered cake iced in BC.  MMF with gumtex accents.
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By kimmy37
Apr 4, 2007
I made these for a double 21st birthday  - the dice cake is a  dummy and it was presented with 9 individual chocolate cakes for dessert. I used fondant and lots of gold and bronze edible glitter/sparkles.
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By Leigh01
Apr 11, 2007
last minute order for a poker themed 21st b'day,   Choc mud cake, filled with choc ganache then covered in Fondx.  all decorations are gumpaste except the chocolate coins which i purchased...
3 10
By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 18, 2007
This is only my second buttercream cake and it was a short notice cake (night before) so I guess it came out ok all things considered.
4 3
By ozcake
Apr 23, 2007
This was my first attempt at a tilted whimsical cake... I adapted the directions from Cake Central but only used 2 layers on each cake. All are Hersheys perfectly chocolate cake and 1 is chocolate hazel nut mousse filling ,1 was cookies & cream filling and the others were whipped cream and strawberries. The flowers, ribbon & 21 were fondant and the topping was stablized whipped cream. This was fun to do.
7 3
By gotcake
Sep 12, 2005


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