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This was my attempt at the picture in the 2005 Yearbook (or was it '04, can't remember now!)...I ran out of time and didn't get to all the details like I wanted, but it turned out pretty good.  I didn't have enough time to make the picnic basket, which I would have loved to make!
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By fytar
Jun 13, 2005
This is my first ever bct!!! I messed it up a little but i don't think anybody noticed. the cake was a 2 layer yellow cake with vanilla frosting. this was for my son who just turned one on the 6th!
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By newbieinGA
Jul 20, 2005
This cake was a copy of the really cool, graphic invitation to a 1st birthday. I loved the colours the baby's mother chose when she designed it!
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By antonia74
Jul 24, 2005
Heart-shaped cake with buttercream icing and royal icing flowers. My first try at royal icing. It was fun to make! And by the way Harrison is a girl (my neice), if anyone was wondering. :)
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By blossum
Aug 21, 2005
By blossum
Aug 21, 2005
Here is the side of the cake.. and you can see the decorations that inspired the design.
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By AndiSue
Sep 12, 2005
I did this cake for my neighbor's son who had his first birthday today.  All BC, chocolate cake with tcrema's strawberry crema filling - YUMMY!
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By momsandraven
Sep 18, 2005
6" round with buttercream and fondant decorations
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By psurrette
Sep 24, 2005
Done for my nephew's first birthday.  I was in a bit of a hurry since I sort of waited until the last minute.  All buttercream frosting.
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By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
3 tiered cake in chocolate and yellow with whipped buttercream icing. Figures are all fondant.
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By krissy_kze
Oct 30, 2005
Mommy and baby duck in tub. The candle is in the mini duck cake which I cut off and put on a little plate just for the birthday boy to blow out the candle and then devour. I was able to make a mini duck by molding aluminum foil around a rubber ducky in 2 parts and then baking cake in it.
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By ctorno
Oct 31, 2005
This was a caramel mud cake (Thanks Nati) with Buttercream frosting + edible image. It was for a special friend of mine with a little boy turning one who is keen on Winnie the pooh. The cake is layered with caramel ganache in the middle.
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By dky
Nov 5, 2005
This was copied from the invitation for a 1st birthday.  All buttercream.
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By sampy
Nov 7, 2005
I made this cake for my friend, it was her son's 1st birthday and the theme was Pooh.  The top is decraoted with coolies and the bees are cookies too. I used lollipops for the flowers and butterflies. Everyone was surprised and loved the cake.
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By partyhelper
Nov 8, 2005
I did this cake with my SIL for her nephews 1st birthday. This is just the top of the cake she couldn't assemble the whole thing until she arrived at the party. The baby was covered in royal icing and the cake was in MMF (which was a first for us).
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By brendaanne
Nov 8, 2005
Here is my version of the popular Hugs & Stitches 1st birthday party supplies. Cake is chocolate fudge with almond BC. Details are fondant, royal and BC icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Nov 18, 2005
This is for my niece.  It is an 8" square marbled cake, iced in all buttercream.  This is another version of the Hugs and Stitches cakes that others have done.  

Thanks for looking!
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By luv2cake
Jan 4, 2006
This cake was made the last day in 2005. For a girls 1st birthday.
I have used patchwork cutters.
By elin
Jan 21, 2006
Smash cake that went along with the poodle cake.
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By christiethomas
Jan 21, 2006
This was for a friends little boy's 1st birthday.  We were matching a plate.
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By tmassey5
Jan 22, 2006
This was my son's 1st birthday cake, it is 2 11x15 put together, half chocolate fudge, and half french vanilla. This is my 1st time doing a buttercream cake and a cake of this size. I had fun and was peased with the outcome.
By booberfrog
Feb 5, 2006
And this was his smash cake, he loved it, especially the black icing!
By booberfrog
Feb 5, 2006
I used the invitation and made the cake to match. I double layered the top border and I think it worked out better. It gave it more dimension.
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By ericka
Feb 13, 2006
From the Wilton 2006 Yearbook. This was a fun one to make! Yellow with Lemon curd filling. Overall very easy. The neat thing about the party hat pan is that you can also use it to create an ice-cream cone or cut it to get a flower pot. I also found that the ball at the end of the pan makes a neat little cake -- for octopus or anything round needed. One difference I found was that the edges of my hat came out at a straight angle, while the photo showed a more rounded look.
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By tobycat
Mar 4, 2006
This is my first attempt at seriously attempting to use fondant (MMF). I practiced covering 1 cake before this one. Then, I used this as my real practice. I'm doing a wedding cake in May, and would appreciate any and all feedback. The wedding cake will be square though, so that will be my next attempt!
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By tobycat
Mar 8, 2006
baby is bear pan, and the bottom is two round cakes shaped and rolled fondant in balls to form clouds, and the bottom is covered in fondant.
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By Taralynn
Mar 9, 2006
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By cmmom
Mar 14, 2006
This is my first baby shower cake. I started cake decorating last November. It was for a 3rd grade teacher who was given a surprise baby shower today by the whole 3rd grade at school. I was told she loved it and everyone raved about how good it tasted. It took me a long time to decorate though. I worked on it from 9:30 p.m.- midnight. Hopefully I'll get faster with more practice! (thinking more than 2 #18 star tips will help!).
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By MnMz
Mar 31, 2006
I had been selling cake pans on eBay for a while, and thought I would try one... SO this is the cake that started the cake making for me... Not for a birthday, just wanted to make it and see how it went, this is before any Wilton Classes...  MY very  1st Cake ever.
By NCdadof5
Apr 3, 2006
My first layer cake for my Mother in Laws Birthday...  Day before I am to start my Wilton I class...  first attempt at Roses.
By NCdadof5
Apr 3, 2006
This is another Debbie Brown design I think from either Favourite character cakes or Lovable character cakes!
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By socake
Apr 4, 2006
8 inch square cut up to make block name message.  This is for a 1st birthday.  The number 1 candle will be placed on the middle block for the boy's smash cake.  Mickey Mouse is piping gel transfer, then freehand.
2 4
By sweetcreation
Apr 6, 2006
No fail sugar cookies(Thanks for sharing the recipe) and Wilton royal icing.  Ideas insprired from here.  Thanks
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By MaraCarter
Apr 21, 2006
I found this picture in my files and forgot how much I liked this cake, well I do love Pooh!  Thanks for looking!!
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By mariamom
Apr 22, 2006
6" and 8" iced in bc, with fondant accents, and a candy clay name. The crown was bought from the party store. My first stacked cake, I wish it would have come out better.
By kstgelais4
Apr 27, 2006
Very Basic First Birthday... It was buttercream frosting with Rainbow cake... Just a nice idea for 1 st birthday celebration.
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By kristingeorge
May 4, 2006
Same cake taken from another angle.
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By Chary
May 6, 2006
This cake was done to coordinate with the party invitations.  The tier cake on both the larger sheet, and the smash cake, are FBCT's.  The tableware was hot pink and lime, so the borders were done to accent those colors.  The sides were airbrushed a soft yellow, that was a background color of the borders on the invitations!
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By gmcakes
Mar 16, 2007
1/2 sheet with one shaped cake cut out of 9x13...frosted in buttercream to match party decorations
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By krispy
May 11, 2006
I made this cuz I wanted to practice BCT. I gave it to the little boy next door who turned just turned 1.
By ChicosMom
Apr 13, 2005


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