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This was for an 18th Birthday party.  It was a double layer 8 inch yellow cake iced in buttercream with MMF flowers.  They requested yellow elder flowers which are the national flower of the Bahamas.  I tried to get them as close as I could to the real flower but had no luck with buttercream so I switched to MMF.  I put shimmer dust on them.
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By smileyface
Mar 27, 2006
This is a sheet cake done for a Birthday.  I didn't know her so it was hard to come up with an idea.  They wanted me to use bright colors.
By dconley
Jul 30, 2006
This was a very last minute cake while I was trying to make my first wedding cake! They told me she liked teal.... so I tried to go with that. It was a free cake anyway - my "gift" although I was asked to do it. I used a white chocolate fondant that I made - the cake is white cake mix w/ vanilla added & vanilla pudding.... I hand "painted" the little pearls orange.... I had a few problems w/ those orange pearls - notice the streak - it turned out okay and they said it tasted good - the most important part!
By imartsy
Aug 30, 2006
This is the birthday cake I made for my sister in law for her 18th birthday.  She requested all bc and wanted chocolate icing.  The words on the cake were chosen by my husband since that's what he used to call her when she was little.
By casebit
Nov 26, 2006
funfetti cake mix, buttercream icing, piping gel transfer, this design was mimicked from another cc'er,, sorry I forgot the name,, I'll post later when I find it.. but thanks for the inspiration.. she loved it.
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By debilou68
Dec 1, 2006
buyer requested girl who had been shopping, with a crown on her head to be sitting on top. Bottom tier..normal sponge with vanilla buttercream, top tier is chocolate with vanilla buttercream. all fondant (figure is mexican modelling paste)...first time ive covered a cake without getting 'folds'!! yay...but i got rips posting a note in the forum.please help me out....
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By button-moon
Dec 2, 2006
Made this for a friend's son's 18th birthday.  He's big into football.  9x13 yellow with chocolate cake football on top.  Iced in buttercream, football in chocolate buttercream.  Made the scoreboard and school emblem out of sheets of colored foam.  Used markers for foam on scoreboard.  Kody's score is his age, time left on clock is his birthdate.  They enjoyed it.
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By kimmy37
Dec 14, 2006
Freehand modelled animals for young lady's 18th birthday.  Each of the animals represents her pets, she was pleasantly surprised.  I really enjoyed doing this and so far it is my favourite cake that I have done.  I also learned a new technique by adding CMC to sugarpaste, it makes a fantastic paste to model with, it gives a very pliable texture.
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By Arty
Jan 1, 2007
vase shape dummy cake, this is the idea i have been dreaming about for more than a week so i just had do something to get it out of my  it all started when i brought the cupcake paper cups you see around the bottom.  i plan on offering this as the top of a cupcake display for 18th 21st or even a wedding..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 1, 2007
This is a chocolate mud cake covered in fondant sitting on a fondant covered board.  The stars are made from modelling paste and painted with silver and black food colouring.  The scroll is also made from modelling paste and written on with royal icing.
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By debbiew1
Jan 5, 2007
My daughter's 18th birthday.  Inspired by the gift bag.  My lettering turned out horrible (I used melted choc. bark on wax paper...freehand) but I ran out of time and had to pick the best of the bunch.  Lessons learned with every cake!
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By darlaslade
Jan 15, 2007
This was for a 18th Birthday for a girl who wanted a cute tiger.  The top was to be kept.  She also wanted some frangipanis.
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By Sparklepop
Jan 27, 2007
I made this cake for an 18th
By Delicate-Lee
Feb 2, 2007
This was a last minute make, got the order the night before for an 18th, had to scour the local shops for some suitable fake flowes, this design was something i wanted to try the look out on, she was delighted with it, had no idea anyone had forgetten to get her a cake.  Chocolate mud covered with fondant
By AmazeMe
Feb 18, 2007
Buttercream with royal icing violets, I have been out of practice on cakes because I have doing so many cookie bouquets...addicted to cookies! My granddaughter loved it...her favorite colors sage green and purple.
By tricia
Mar 4, 2007
pink simple birthday
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By bubrsu
Mar 29, 2007
Cupcake display for an 18th birthday,  its a suprise for Sara from her mum and dad...  top cake is a choc mud filled and iced with choc BC then covered in Fondx , cupcakes are also mud with IMBC frosting.  all the decorations a re fondant with tylose added...  i also made the stand.. thanks for looking..
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By sweet_as_tisse
May 2, 2007
This was my first attempt at a sandcastle cake. 2 tiers, 8X8 and 10X10 square chocolate w/ buttercream. The towers are made of RK treats and the 'sand' is a mixture of pulverized nilla wafers(put in blender), raw sugar, and luster dust. Shells are gumpaste. Please feel free to comment. Please include  what one would/could charge for this cake as I am beginning and guessing at its worth. THANKS
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By harrison
Jun 12, 2007
This was for my aunt who was turning 18... The sticks hanging out of the cake were sparkling candles... I LOVE the little star candles... Even though you can't light them =p
By TooCuteSmp
Jun 21, 2007
12 x 15 WASC with bc and the pins and bowling ball are chocolate WASC
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By wgoat5
Jun 23, 2007
Dressing table personalised with all the details for an 18 year old girl - favourite movie stars in picture frames, magazines with amusing messages for the birthday girl, etc . Will post close up of details.
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By annethered
Jul 1, 2007
Close up of the details
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By annethered
Jul 1, 2007
18th birthday cake, its a surprise for the girl from her parents.   the theme for the party is red and silver so the mum wanted these colors but i thought it needed some extra colors mixed in and chose the green and caramel.  both cakes are 2 layer choc mud with choc BC, covered in fondx with fondant/gumpaste accents name number etc.... thanks for looking!!
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jul 11, 2007
handbag Birthday cake in fondant icing
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By Linscakes
Jul 31, 2007
2 layer choc cake filled with ganache and covered with fondant.
By janbabe
Sep 14, 2007
I made this one for my brothers 18th, everybody was really 
impressed.... even myself!!
By hannahbaguley
Sep 24, 2007
had free rein on this one,  customer just wanted my tapered cylinder style cake but left the overall design up to me...    carved mud cakes with a board seperating them where the ribbon  ties around.  thanks for looking
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By sweet_as_tisse
Oct 9, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake, torted and filled with Rich's Bettercreme, iced with same.  FBCT is his Varsity letter.  This is a practice cake and will be redone for his "friends" party.  I made some mistakes and learned alot.  TFL.
By azsunn
Nov 1, 2007
I made this cake for my little sisters 18th birthday.  I used buttercream icing w/MMF for the stripes and Stars.  She loved it!
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By hollybelle1116
Nov 15, 2007
I got this idea from another poster here.  The birthday boy was also just accepted to college and was planning on buying a lottery ticket for his birthday.
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By JSadlak
Dec 21, 2007
This is a chocolate cupcake tower I did for an 18th, the colours didn't really come very well out in the photo but it was pink frangipanis dark chocolate decorations for the small cake and ganache swirlies for the cupcakes
By ozcake
Jan 6, 2008
My niece asked me to make her cake for her big 18th birthday bash.  Her party theme was black & white and she wore black and pink.  The cake was a big hit with her and all her friends.
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By nhbaker
Jan 20, 2008
A cake for  a 18th birhday. First time trrying out wire beading but was happy with the outcome of them. Chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut cream filling. All MMF. TFL
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By kels_bells
Feb 22, 2008
6 inch white choc mud cake covered in green fondx. All accessories are fondant.
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By dky
Apr 18, 2008
I made this cake for my daughter's 18th Birthday/Graduation Party. First time doing the gerbera daisies. They were super hard to make. The cakes were chocolate cake with mocha filling, white cake with guava filling, coconut cake with coconut and raspberry filling and white cake with raspberry filling. My daughter loved it, so the guests.
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By mariprincesa
May 11, 2008
18th birthday cake in zebra print. I used dark chocolate icing for the zebra prints.
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By CakeNurse01
May 25, 2008
Choc mud cake, choc ganache icing and choc slabs on side. Gotta love choc.
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By poncho
May 31, 2008
Fondant covered cake with marzipan modelled flowers and leaves.
By anami007
Jun 4, 2008
Used mini M&M's for decorations.
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Jun 6, 2008
Did this cake for a boy (man!) turning "18".
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 8, 2006


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