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This was a birthday cake done for a little boy whose Daddy drove a truck for a living.
By BAS598
Mar 8, 2006
This is a yellow cake with BC; it's the Wilton character pan.
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By egarman
Apr 16, 2006
This cake was a last minute order for the brother of a friend.  She gave him the cake for his birthday, but he didn't want to cut it at home...he insisted on taking it to work to show it off.
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By kimhamjohn
May 9, 2006
18th Birthday
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By StandingForJesus
Jun 25, 2006
My moist Vanilla Cake recipe w/ Chocolate ganache buttercream filled with Chocolate Moose.  The "1" covered in pink fondant and Chocolate fondant on the "8".  Both decorated with fondant cut-outs.  SO fun to make!
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By autobuni
Aug 21, 2006
Thanks to Autobuni for the idea. I made this for my Pastor's daughter's birthday.  It was fun to make.
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By queenofcake
Nov 5, 2006
This is a cake I did for a girl turning 18.  The bottom cake was white with chocolate hazlenut filling, middle was neapolitan cake (1 layer of strawberry, then one of white, then one of chocolate, then keep reapeating) with vanilla BC filling and the top was white chocolate with raspberry filling. Every thing is covered in fondant the bows and flowers are fondant also.  Covered in shimmer dust. Bottom bow is stenciled with petal dust middle box is impressd with a stamp and then hand painted.
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By phoohbear
Dec 21, 2006
I made this for a groom that drives an estes 18-wheeler truck.
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By klsrtr
Jan 6, 2007
The mom wanted a cake featuring all the things her son wants most ... money (the gold coins), a credit card, a car, license, and a winning lottery ticket.  I googled all the images, printed them out on photo paper, then used the boy's initials and his age as his license plate number for his hot new car.  The boy definitely wanted some bling.  And he LOVED the cake.
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By Ksue
Jan 12, 2007
This is a cake I did for my husband who is an OTR truckdriver. It's chocolate with icecream in the center, which is why it looks frosty on the buttercream-overlay road tractor.
By kwaples001
Jan 26, 2007
This was done for my neighbour's son who was worried if he had a fancy cake it would be too nice to cut so he asked for a plain cake,this was the result. He and all his mates loved it and they said it tasted really good too. It is the eggless chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing with royal icing words and numbers
By scopey
Feb 4, 2007
Here's a fun cake I did for my nephew, Chris. I just wanted to have fun and not even worry about smooth icing :lol: Banana cake with butterscotch pudding and buttercream dream icing and fondant accents.
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By fooby
Mar 9, 2007
E-guitar for an 18 yr old, marble cake with bc icing, they didnt need that much cake, so the neck is styrofoam. gumpaste accents. Boy that cake took a long tme to finish
By Ursula40
Mar 23, 2007
DH's Birthday Cake.  I would have rather tried to make the plan but I ran out of time to do so.  He loved it anyway.  He's an Aerospace Engineer by degree, Software Programmer by choice!  Our oldest son suggested to spray the blue and add the clouds after that.  He's 6, almost 7, and is already giving me input on cake designs!   The cake is just that... larger cake balls.  I used leftover BC and flavored creamer to bind them together and it's all iced in BC.  DH dislikes fondant.  Very rich!  Enjoy!
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By stlalohagal
Apr 2, 2007
This is a 2-layer 10" square cake, single layer 8" square, and 3" high 6" round cake all iced in buttercream with buttercream decorations.  Topper is gumpaste/fondant blend.  This matches the invitations to the 18-year-old's birthday party.
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By rsaun
Apr 20, 2007
Buttercream with fondant belts and rhinestone buckles
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By delaware
Apr 21, 2007
Another angle for the picture.
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By cupcake55
May 13, 2007
My cousin's friend's 18th birthday cake.  She couldn't choose a color so I matched the colors to the crazy candles I bought for the cake.
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By butlah
May 23, 2007
I made this for a Truck Driver who was marrying the same woman
for the second time.  I did the 18 wheeler with stars and the wheels
were mini oreos.  Fun Cake!
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May 27, 2007
My co-workers niece fell in love with a cake she saw online and 
asked me to make it for her since it fit her theme perfectly. This is my interpretation of the original adding my own touches. It is vanilla cake
as requested , covered in Pettinice fondant and filled with chocolate buttercream and dulce de leche. It took about 40 hours from start to finish. My most 
labor intensive project to date.
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By Lucygoosey
Jun 3, 2007
The brides favorite color was lilac, so the cake had lilac ribbon and white bluebells with lilac centers.
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By Wiltonlady
Jul 8, 2007
By Ginger08
Aug 5, 2007
I made a Big Rig to replicate the Transformer thing.. I had so much trouble, but the birthday boys face lit up when he seen this.. That made me feel good!!!!
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By briansbaker
Aug 21, 2007
This was for my friends girlfriends 18th.
I had so much fun making this cake. I designed the graffiti myself, and had it printed on edible paper. 
It's the first sheet cake I've done. and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!
By Cupcake_Kisses
Aug 23, 2007
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By Strazle
Sep 9, 2007
Here is a cake that I made for my husband's work.  He sells 18 wheelers for Freightliner.  They were having a corporate competition at their office, so I thought this was a great time to make this cake.  My brother actually custom made the cake pan for me - he's a sheet metal worker.  The trailer is BC and the truck part is MMF.  It's a little out of proportion, but I included as many details as possible.  Also, the logo was a FBCT and as it thawed, the condensation caused the colors to run.  :(
8 22
By luv2cake
Sep 21, 2007
This was for my son's 2nd birthday.  He loves semi-trucks and always has a pacifier in his mouth.  The inset shows the smiley face on the reverse side with a "paccy" in it's mouth.  My son really liked that.  Made from the long loaf pan with buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing.
5 29
By KathysCC
Sep 22, 2007
I made this one for my brothers 18th, everybody was really 
impressed.... even myself!!
By hannahbaguley
Sep 24, 2007
When my brother turned 18, i wanted to make him a cake for the special number. I baked a 13 x 9 cake and cut out the numbers. I frosted it all white, and dyed my own black and red icing. Using the # 16 star tip, i filled in red and black diagonals, for the white i used a # 12 tip to make circles. Add some sprinkles and candles and VOILA!
By katiekakes3771
Oct 13, 2007
10 inch round (1 layer) and 6 inch square (2 layer).  All buttercream.  Black and silver fondant accents, bow, and "18", with silver dragees on the top.  Non-edible ribbon curls.
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By StaceyC3
Oct 18, 2007
This was for a workmate's daughter,  Chocolate and Caramel Mud Cake
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By randel
Oct 19, 2007
This cake was for a "rock a billy" theme 18th birthday. The cheetah print, nautical stars and swallows were airbrushed. I used an edible marker to write Lucky 18 on the banner.
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By bakerbeth
Dec 2, 2007
I made this cake for a two girls who were celebrating the big 1-8.  The cake was covered in fondant and the hot pink accents are gumpaste.
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By rachmakescakes
Jan 9, 2008
18 inch round. Guitar tiered on top. stars made out of cardstock and accented with sequence. Pic printed on cardstock and laminated. Thanks for looking.
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By AmyGonzalez
Apr 4, 2008
All bc, double chocolate cake w/ german chocolate filling on top and inside.
Hand-piped "18", also choc-covered strawberries.
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By arosstx
Apr 8, 2008
This cake was massive!  It's on two boards to make it easier for the customer to transport, but the combined size was 31"x20".
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By kelly75
Apr 26, 2008
I was asked by my husbands boss' wife to make this for her daughters 18th birthday.  She told me she wants a "1" and and "8" and said the rest was up to me... what do you all think?
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By Bugs-Mommy
May 19, 2008
Used mini M&M's for decorations.
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Jun 6, 2008
18th birthday cake for Gina. Vanilla base layer and coffee top layer. Fondant iced and mexican paste decorations
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By murf
Jul 3, 2008
Okay, I couldn't stand it.  I tried to clean up the 18 a little.  Then decided to make the camo look like stitched fabric.  I always do this; take a picture of that cake then decide after looking at it I need to change some things. :-)  Wish we were able to delete pics! :-)
13 22
By LisaMS
Feb 24, 2006


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