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Daughter wanted something different for her 16th birthday. So I went with her fave colours. Black and Pink. It's a German Chocolate cake covered with cherry flavored buttercream, FBCT, pink and black roses, and pink and black fondant boarder...
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By size4again
Mar 3, 2006
This is a picture of my son's 16th birthday cake.  I made the cake chocolate.  I used a small tip to map out a road and left that portion uniced.  I then iced green with a star tip all over.  I added lines on the road with white buttercream.  I bought the little cars at the store.  They were a perfect size.  The right top corner has a little hill made from the top portion of the cake that I cut off to even it out.  He loved it and it was yummy too!
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By tsuitor
Dec 31, 2005
This is a sweet 16th birthday cake.  I really like how it turned out!!  I hand painted all the white chocolate seashells.  Lots of time, not enough money.  LOL!!  Anyways I love it!!

(another angle)
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By ljkforester
Mar 23, 2006
Made this for my nephew!!  All the other nieces/nephews and my kids said they want the same when they turn 16!!

Sorry for the blur - didn't want to post his address! :-)
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By cankj
Jun 14, 2006
I made this cake for the son of a very good friend of mine for his 16th birthday.  We took ideas from a couple of cakes on here that she liked.  The bottom two tiers inspiration came from pinkflamingo's 3-tier '06 grad cake; only the '06 was changed to '16'.  And the top tier we took inspiration from peacockplace's 18th birthday cake.  I made the 16 and the balls out of fondant, everything else was buttercream.  And we used the royal blue and lime green from her napkins and plates
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By NeeNee30
Aug 5, 2006
This is a sweet 16th birthday cake.  I really like how it turned out!!  I hand painted all the white chocolate seashells.  Lots of time, not enough money.  LOL!!  Anyways I love it!!
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By ljkforester
Mar 23, 2006
My nephew had a casino party, joint party with a friend from school. Buttercream icing with MMF shapes. This was inspireed by 2 different cakes here on CC. Forgive me that I can't remember who. I got rave reviews...the whole middle section was left over due to 70+ guests not I was walking out the door, parents were picking up their children and the heads were turning abd jaws were dropping, made me feel good...1st stacked cake and I was nervous!
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By Spoondog
Sep 21, 2006
Cake for my niece who tuned 16.
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By sunlover00
Dec 8, 2006
A FBCT of the birthday boy's racecar with swirls and lightning bolts around the cake, which was a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.
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By mmichelew
Jan 16, 2007
My 16yo wanted a mustang for his birthday. This was the most affordable one I could find! This is buttercream drawn directly on the cake.
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By sahrow
Jan 23, 2007
I made this for my friends daughter.  It is a 2 layer cake with cookies and fondnt curls on top.
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By debrab
Feb 16, 2007
My friend and I made this cake for my niece's 16th birthday.
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By suzjac
Mar 24, 2007
this is for a girl's 16th birthday
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By Candy120
Mar 24, 2007
This cake was french vanilla with a vanilla/almond icing.  Bonnie's theme was Hawaiian and used the invitation as my inspiration for the cake.  Wanted to do the flip flops in fondant but simply didn't have time.  So I used buttercream for everything.  Used a store-bought silk lei for the border.
By kakekornertwo
Sep 21, 2006
My little brother wanted an Evil Clown Cake for his 16th Birthday..So this is the result. I used DH French vanilla cake mix and buttercream frosting. The colored areas were created with sugar sprinkles...
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By cookie22
May 13, 2007
First attempt at 'carving' a cake.  Was trying to copy a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria that we just purchased for 16yr ds to drive....its definitely not perfect but everyone knew what it was supposed to be so I guess it turned out ok!!!
By lilsis
May 19, 2007
Sweet 16th cake, fondant and pastillage decorations.  Stairway made of rice krispies then covered with fondant.  I used the patchwork cutters for the swans and used piping gel in blue to simulate the water
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By maru
Jun 8, 2007
I designed this whole cake although due to time restrictions I did not make it. It came out great.
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By millie5
Jun 16, 2007
The four round cakes were supposed to look like CD's, but I couldn't find the silver spray I was looking for and made the grey too dark.  Lessons learned!
By TxBitty
Jul 10, 2007
The tiara on this cake is made out of royal icing .I then used Swarovski crystals to embellish it. The tiara design is an original. I drew a free hand pattern on wax paper and then piped over it with royal icing.
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By peggylicious
Jul 30, 2007
BC, gel tinted blue for water, purchased 4X4.  "mudding" is a popular past time for Okie boys turning 16 ( and much older too!).  They take their giant 4 wheel drive pickups and just drive around in the mud having good ole' country fun!!!!
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By Mencked
Aug 3, 2007
16th birthday cake with 16 butterflies. BC icing with butterflies made of Royal icing.
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By swick55
Aug 5, 2007
Red Velvet Cake with BC frosting.
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By teereedee
Aug 21, 2007
Made this cake for a friendsÂ’ daughter.  She was having a Mexican Fiesta theme and wanted a colorful cake.  Covered in Satin Ice Fondant, with edible gummy chilis and butter cream swirls.
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By Mothersuperior
Aug 28, 2007
This is a cake for a boy turning 16. I chose this theme because he was a DJ at his high school  Buttercream frosting & fondant accents.
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By 1nanette
Sep 1, 2007
2 cupcakes iced with buttercream icing, all buttercream accents. car is matchbox 
from toy section.
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By zatsdeb
Sep 4, 2007
This was copied from out of a Wilton's book, even though the stras, balloons & numbers called for candy melts, I did mine from fondant.
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By tonyap
Oct 4, 2007
Fondant paisley tiered cake
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By netterp
Oct 23, 2007
buttercream mud race track
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By netterp
Oct 23, 2007
This is the side view of the Playboy Bunny Cake
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By krnpl
Nov 9, 2007
Cake Linda and I made for daughter's 16th Birthday party
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By extex89
Jan 6, 2008
White cake, Buttercream, Neice's 16th Birthday Cake
By CelebrationCakery
Jan 25, 2008
This was for my niece's 16th birthday. It was all buttercream with red chocolate star accents. The topper also has chocolate stars dusted with luster dust.
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By sweetness_221
Feb 4, 2008
just another cake
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By psurrette
Feb 8, 2008
Bikini girl (I copied a cookie pic I think I found on here??!! Not sure whose.)
Dress with birthday girl's monogram.
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By antonia74
Feb 15, 2008
Buttercream icing with fondant stripes and circles.  Handmade gumpaste bow with gold accents o painted with gold lustre dust and alcohol
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By toshaw
Mar 8, 2008
Just finished this for my daughter's birthday tomorrow. She doesn't know I've made it and am sneaking it into school tomorrow so she can enjoy it with her friends at lunchtime!!
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By annethered
Apr 17, 2008
This was made for my daughter's 16th birthday, she had a Bath Junkie party.
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By apuddin
May 15, 2008
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By yumm
May 29, 2008
Three tier stacked "Mad Hatter" style cake.
By gr8_seamstress
May 29, 2008


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