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Wow - those tiny jars make that much of a difference in a big cake? I'd think you'd need 5 to amount to anything!
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Well, I made a 12" x 18" cake and used 6 jars for each layer. I'm not that fond of yellow cake (i prefer white) and I thought it made a huge difference.
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Thanks for the recipe jozie2000. I prefer white over yellow too. I am dying to try the Bluberry Buckle babyfood in a recipe. It is 3rd stage babyfood in the larger jar. I wonder what mix I could use it in...spice cake maybe...? The Blueberry Buckle babyfood has cinnamon and I think maybe oatflour as a thickener. It is so yummy! But I wonder if it would turn the cake a weird color since it is dark blue? What do you think?
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mmm that sounds yummy!!! might even be good in a white cake?!? maybe a couple jars? and who cares if it's a light blue color! that might be neat!!! might call for a test run! lol
Today Is A Gift, That's Why it's Called The Present
Today Is A Gift, That's Why it's Called The Present
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Whoa - 6 jars per layer - that could get pricey! Those jars are close to a dollar each for the big ones...
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Ohhh....I'm really excited...I was at the store today looking at baby food. I found a flavor I've never seen before, must be kind of new (my youngest is 19 months). Carrot Apple Mango!!! I got three jars is that enough for a cake??? I remembered Candy120 saying that carrot was good. Can't wait to make carrot cake with that! Also got some walnuts and raisins and cream cheese for the icing. I have a project that I'm working on first for someone else right now...will have to wait awhile for my carrot cake. icon_sad.gif
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I tried the baby food carrot cake from this site this past week. I did a few modifications and it came out stellar!!

I added spices:
cinnamon, all spice, and nutmeg
also added walnuts and shredded carrots.

Very yummy indeed!!
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This is spectacular...I have a baby at home and we still have a bunch of baby food in the pantry. I'm going to dig in there and see what looks you have any reccomendations for a yellow cake??
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