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Play-doh for casting...

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Hi there sugar people....I have recently read that Play-doh can be shaped and used as a mold to cast poured sugar. Is this true or did I misunderstand? Also...if it is true...can it be fresh Playdoh or do you need to let it dry out first?

Thanks a mil....
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Hi adven68
No, it can be fresh play dough. You do not have to let it dry out. Actually it is better fresh because it is easier to remove from around your cast pieces.There is another molding material kind of like play dough its called Plastilina it suppose to be available in hobby stores I have never used it or looked for it. It is a non hardening modeling clay mixed with oil.
You can use banding material like they use to band boxes on pallets with but it is hard to bend into intricate shapes and you have to solder the ends very time consuming. Hope I answered your question if you have any more just post them or pm me I will be happy to help.
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Oh, I forgot. Pastillage or marzipan could also be used. It is best if you lightly oil the insides of the mold before you pour your sugar. There is a modeling clay out by Crayola that you could also use It comes in like 10 or 20 pound tubs for like $20. I think that is the route I am going to take for my piece for the Halloween contest. Do not know if I mentioned it but once used for this purpose File 13 the stuff it is no good after that.
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Thanks ....I'm going to try it out....I'll let you know how I do. Basically, one can simply imprint an object into a blob of play-doh, or sculpt something and then pour the sugar in, right? Can the play-doh be any color? Also, doesn't the pastillage melt with the heat of the sugar? Gracias....
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No the heat will not effect the pastillage. And as far as the play dough I take 4 cans of different colors and mix them together. You have to lay your template on the play dough or pastillage and use a hobby knife to cut it out. Your template should then be placed on a piece of greased foil. You can leave the foil on for effect if you want. Also grease the inside of your molds with vegetable oil it will help the sugar casting release easier. Also do not use any acid in your sugar mixture. No the pastillage will not melt from the heat of the sugar I have never used it.
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