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I'm not sure what an oreo cookie mold is... These molds are hard plastic and come in the different shapes - diamond, oval, square, etc.
The kits come with different silicone "topper" molds that you can filled with chocolate or fondant. You can attach the fondant toppers (after the petit four has had time to set) with dabs of water and the chocolate ones attach with a tiny dab of frosting or water.
Hope this helps.
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thanks! would you mind posting the link to where you bought the kits?

edited to say - never mind i found her store on ebay. thanks for the help!
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You bet!! icon_lol.gif

Let me know if you have any problems/questions. "Mac" (Pam) helped me out a whole lot too.
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have you had any problems unmolding the chocolate?
sometimes It just sticks to the mold and they won't come out, has this ever happened to you?
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Originally Posted by paolacaracas

have you had any problems unmolding the chocolate?
sometimes It just sticks to the mold and they won't come out, has this ever happened to you?

Try putting the filled moulds in the freezer for a couple of minutes - the fondant or chocolate hardens and should then come out without any problems at all.

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yes I have! Putting them in the freezer did the trick. However, don't leave them too long or they become sticky to the touch. icon_smile.gif
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thank you ladies, is true! thank god I read this before I throw my molds out of the window....
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These are beautiful to look at but am I the only one who thinks that they look more like chocolates than petit fours? I look forward to seeing what turns out for the ladies who are trying these moulds.
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I agree with you that they are not the traditional petit fours. I've made them for a couple of people and they enjoyed the fact of trying something new. The one's that I posted were my first ones. Still practicing with different toppers, etc.
I want to try the traditional petit fours one day though.
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those look great. for those that still want to try the more traditional ones, I use DH white cake mix in mini muffin pans, and then dip in poured fondant (which everyone except my son seems to love!!).

no mess with freezing, cutting, etc. they don't have filling like some do, but people really rave about them
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I always wanted to know how they got that glossy hard look! Now I know. Here is the picture of the ones that I did. Everyone liked them and over a year later are still asking me about them.
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those are gorgeous!!!! great job!
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Temptations, those are gorgeous. Would you mind sharing your method?
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I'd love to know also!!! Very pretty!
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All the Petit Four pictures are lovely. I just don't care for the traditional petit four glaze, same thing with the Bon Bon candies, it is too sugary for me. I love the looks of the ones done with chocolate and am anxious to try them. I had thought about them for Mother's Day, but now it is just 5 days away, it's been 92 degrees here the past two days and I am too wilted to begin trying them now.

My friend Deborah is the one who first posted her petit fours on another forum using Kathy Scott's molds and she used white chocolate, yellow cake and then filled them with a bit of Loganberry jam and buttercream and others with lemon curd and buttercream, sounds so good to me.

By the way, if you want some nice soap molds to use for these, here are a couple of companies who have great soap molds.
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