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Originally Posted by cali4dawn

I was interested in the tin idea for shipping to North Carolina- where most of my family is. But I guess I could bake it in a similar sized cake pan and just transfer it.

I'd never thought of baking in a veggie can for perfectly round slices... now that's a great tip! ... and I'm a caterer and never ever came across that....

Live and learn

Yeah, or live long enough to have seen people make do with almost anything, haha! My Mom used to used the tin cans or coffee cans for fruit cakes. See she kept adding ingredients to the recipe every Christmas, but she never added to her pan collection. Think that folks that lived through the Great Depression were like that.
I think the date and nut loaf in the tin can actually is English. I remember them selling tins of various types of loaves and I think that is where it came from. I have a few Jamaican friends that do up their famous rum cakes in them too.
I know Bitte from the Wilton site uses the tins too.
I don't know about your cookie tins, Dawn, but I find that mine rust easily if I am not really careful to make certain they are completely dry before I put the lids back on. Plus I am thinking the centre seam and the bottom seam might be a hassle, although I guess you could cover them with foil. But yes, that would be neat to bake and send it in the container!
Yes it makes for interesting slices and date and nut loaves, two slices together with some cream cheese in the middle, yummy!
So have you ever baked in enamelware? I am thinking an old chamber pot would be a great shape. Ok, an unused one, haha, I am joking, haha!
Oh yes, the phrase I was looking for about the centre thing from the percolator is the basket support.
As far as the dishes go, I think it the plates can go in the oven, then the bowls etc can.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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My $.03 worth you have any Pyrex mixing bowls? I have used the smallest one for ummm, little round mounds, and they baked perfectly!
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Thanks, jscakes, but no, I don't have any Pyrex here. I decided to try it in the metal bowl after all, despite the warnings that it would probably bake unevenly. "Stubborn!!" as my dad would cry out. icon_smile.gif It's baking right now, has about 20 minutes to go. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again! icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by -TenderHeart

Thank you, Dawn. I think this will be today's project.

And I just read that too--Maybe we found the same magazine or something? icon_smile.gif I had deja vu when I read about the napkins, icing, forks, plates, balloons, etc. LOL. It's a great idea for the troops, or for anyone far away, that's for sure. icon_smile.gif

Thanks again. I'll update this thread once the cake amounts to something (or not). icon_smile.gif

You have to be careful when sending baked goods to Iraq. We had an adopted solider over there and I sent him a b-day cake. (Undecorated of course.) It had started to mold before he got it. Just wanted wanted to let you know if you send something make sure to write a note to check the cake before eating.
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'Good advice, heracastle. icon_smile.gif

Here's the cake so far. It just came out of the oven.


It was puffier/domed on top, but I smooshed it down--My equivalent of leveling. icon_smile.gif There's obviously a crack on the top, but otherwise, it seems done and okay. We'll know when we taste it, I guess.

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Can-I-Bake-a-Cake-in-This-Bowl?-No?-Well-Let-Me-Try-It-Anyway...." icon_wink.gif
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Would it be too hard for a fondant beginner to try to cover this cake with fondant? I've only covered one other cake with it. It's small, which might make it easier.
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The fondant covered it nicely, and the cake tastes fine. (Whew!) I'll post a photo--or 12, LOL (kidding!)--shortly. icon_smile.gif I'm so thrilled that the fondant worked well this time; I just covered a cake with fondant for the first time on Valentine's Day and it was so messy. I'm *so* happy with the way tonight's cake turned out. icon_smile.gif Thank you all again for your help. icon_smile.gif
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Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I'm the same way you seem to be....

"Don't tell me it can't be done!!"
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Ta-da! icon_smile.gif It's not perfect, but by gosh, it covered much more nicely than the first time I tried it. icon_smile.gif


And yesssssss, Dawn, I think it would be a hoot to be in the kitchen with you. ("It can't be DONE, huh?" --- "Yeah!"---"YEAH?!??? Watch THIS!" --- "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" [diving into flour headfirst] icon_wink.gif
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Well it certainly looks good, good for you!
Just wanted to be clear, I knew it could be done, I was just getting across that it isn't the best metal for cooking in and you have to play more with cooking times and making sure that it cooks in the centre without over cooking the outer edges. You can cook in just about anything that is oven safe with varying degrees of perfection. Sort of like the difference between cooking a cake in a better cake pan or in a cheaper pan, eventually both cakes will cook, it is just that the one that is a better grade and weight of aluminum will cook better than the cheaper lighter weight aluminum.
Sorry, I thought I was clearer on that.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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That did turn out really nice! Weren't you just a teeny bit nervous about it coming out of the bowl? :O
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Thank you, Squirrelly and jscakes. icon_smile.gif

Squirrelly, I understand better now. When I read "bake unevenly," I was expecting the cake to be soupy in some spots and burnt in others. While that wasn't the case, it *did* take a long time to bake! So, anyway, I understand better now. If I ever make a cake this size for someone else, I'll make sure to have a "real" baking pan first, but just as an experiment, I'm happy with the bowl's results. icon_smile.gif

And jscakes, I greased both the bottom *and* sides of the bowl--my mom wondered if it would rise at all, given that--, and it came out really easily. But yeah, she would not have been pleased had I destroyed her mixing bowl. icon_wink.gif
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wow, being a military wife for over 16 years, it sure makes me happy to see people back in the states supporting our soldiers!!...especially when my husband is one of them! icon_smile.gif
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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Originally Posted by diane

wow, being a military wife for over 16 years, it sure makes me happy to see people back in the states supporting our soldiers!!...especially when my husband is one of them! icon_smile.gif

I may not agree with all the politics involved with the military, having been both an Army brat and Air Force wife I've seen A LOT of bull as I'm sure you have, but these men and women are out there risking their lives trying to keep us safe at home. The solider I sent the cake to will be home shortly (come to find out he lives only an hour from me so Ill get to meet him) and I received my new one yesterday. I'm so excited. I love sending things out. I may not be able to pick up a rifle and help fight the bad guys, but I can at least support those that do. I just have to learn not to send a cake next time. LOL I think I'll do cookies with icing tubes instead of cake with icing tubes.

If anyone wants to help support our troops PM me and you can send things to me to send for him and his platoon or I can get you in touch with the adopt a solider program.

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Do you think a cake would ship better over there is we sealed it first like in one of those food savers???

I'm very interested i the program you are using. I really like and will continue to support them. However, we're not allowed to send home bakes goodies. I totally get why (terrorism comes from the strangest places) But I'd still love to bake some cookies and ship them over.
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