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This is what I found on as a defition. If someone thinks your cookies are delicious and a little over the top than the avarage cookie... then hey its a label well worth it.

"A gourmet is a person with a discriminating palate and who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink. The word is a corruption of the French word gourmet, a valet in charge of the wines. It is often used as an adjective for meals of especially high quality, whose makers or preparers have used especial effort or art in presentation or cooking the meal, or for facilities equipped for preparing such meals, such as a restaurant."
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Well, personally, I am one of those people who label their items as gourmet, and I am proud to do so!

For example right now the typical hamantaschen cookie (Jewish Purim cookie) is a plain, bland cookie dough with prune, poppy, or apricot filling. I created my own recipes for chocolate with peanut butter, almond, raspberry or praline pecan filling and a citrus dough with cranberry, chocolate, or mixed fruit filling. They are different, use better quality ingredients and are made by hand instead of machine. I consider this to be gourmet and worthy of higher prices. icon_biggrin.gif

Just my two cents,
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treatsonthego and kathik, that is great info! I was just never comfortable with the label because I had never actually seen or heard of what makes something "gourmet" (look it up in a dictionary..... well, duh, debi!) and I didn't want to be presumptuous (sp?) about it. You both have made me feel better! thumbs_up.gif
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I am from a small town also. I charged someone $20 for cookies. It was last minute for someone I've known for years and it's not a business for me, it was more of a favor. I'm like everyone else and can't believe someone would pay that much for a cookie, BUT more people than I knew bought cookies this past year from someone for Christmas. I haven't found the perfect frosting yet, so I am practicing a little and think this Christmas I will sell my cutouts. I will charge more this time, but not a $1.00 a cookie. No one will go for it here. However, if I did put a lot of detail into the cookies I would see charging more. Maybe I am selling myself short, but I know the area. If I lived near a bigger town, I would see charging more.

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I make cookie baskets and such too and I charge up to $5.00 per cookie (for weddings) and normal price is $2-3.50. No one hesitates to pay it. The online bouquets charge $5 and up.. just FYI
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I charge between $2.00-$4.00 a cookie. I also offer a "friends and family discount" for those who have been good repeat customers.(Big orders or 5 orders or more.) Don't short change yourselves!!!
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Ok, letting a DF borrow your cutters is one thing, but a customer who thinks your prices are too high? They can go to HL and get their own set!
Alright, I had a customer call last night for a cookie order. (a coffee friend, kids are inschool together) So I quoted her a price of .75 or the 2 1/2 and $1 for the 3 3/4 round. They're going to be basketballs, very simple. Vanilla frosting, nothing fancy. Well she placed the order this morning and is picking them up Sat. am. I'm fine with the price I quoted her, but now I'm thinking I need to charge $1 for the smaller and $2 for the bigger! When I type out my price list, I think I'll do that!
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soccermom17... I have a small website set up with my pricing info... its if you want to get an idea of how to present it.
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tahnks treatsonthego. I'll check that out!
(if my son will be patient with me still on the computer!)
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lol haha I know the feeling I have 4 kiddos and never an empty lap ha ha
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I've started learning to just make my price and stick with it. I get disgusted with myself for always lowering my price when I go to deliver a cake. I've also learned that people will pay the price if they want it. If they don't, you have that extra time to look for some people that will. This is an art as well as a cookie. What would they pay Picaso for his cookies? icon_wink.gif
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People are just plain cheap. I had approached a cookie bouquet company a couple of years ago, when I wanted to get into a wholesale business. I offered them three different items, at three different prices according to volume of purchase. They called me three days later and asked me to sell them the small quantity at the large quantity price. I told them no way, and set my sights in other directions. With what she wanted to buy, she could have quadrupled her price and made a fortune, while I would have been at a 30% profit margin. I do not think so.

So much for trying to sell something to a business here in my area.

Stick with your prices, members. If they won't pay it, they do not want it enough.

Theresa icon_smile.gif
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I charged $5 for 12 beautiful heart shaped decorated cookies with every kids name.

I think I have charged too low. icon_sad.gif
I will think about that again.

Bakers Love Butter!
Bakers Love Butter!
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I'm glad that I never started doing cookies. In my area they would scream to think of paying those prices for cookies. No one stops to think about the cost of ingredients, equipment, and your overhead. I used to make cookies for all the neighbor kids two or three times a week when my kids were young. At the price of sugar these days, they'd have to do without!

I have realized that I was not charging enough for the few cakes that I do. It took me alot of nerve to ask for more. Almost everyone paid without batting an eye.

I do a little cooking for different people for their study clubs, etc. and they think everything should be cheap. I figure if they are too lazy to throw a breakfast casserole together and bake some muffins or such, then they should pay my price. Then I turn around and don't charge them enough. I got a catering price list from someone today as I am planning a big regional affair for my Red Hats and was in total shock when I read the prices. I am definitely not charging enough for the things I do.

Being on CC and reading everyone's stories about pricing has helped me develop a little more backbone. I sometimes think I should just quit and not worry about it but I enjoy cooking and I can use the extra dollars.

I do sympathize with the people in my area as many live on minimum wage and cannot afford decorated cakes and cookies. I know that when I was a kid we were satisfied with a plain old cake with candles. Not so these days. The kids all expect something lavish.

I definitely would be offended by that woman asking to borrow your cutters. They don't have a clue what these cake and cookies supplies cost.

Lord, If you can't make me thin, please make my friends fat.
Lord, If you can't make me thin, please make my friends fat.
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I've just been looking at Toba Garrett's website and whoa.... her prices are way up there. I know I know, I'm no Toba. She charges $15 per cookie, and has a beautiful 2 tiered stacked cake that I LOVE! Well several. But she's getting over $3,000 for a cake that serves 60-75. Man, I'd love to sit nearby and watch her work. Just "thinking out loud here, since this thread is about cookie pricing and I just saw her cookies etc. Check her out.
"Life's tough, pilgrim. It's even tougher if you're stupid!" John Wayne
"Life's tough, pilgrim. It's even tougher if you're stupid!" John Wayne
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