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cookie trays

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I have been asked to make a tray of biscotti for 30 men and I was wondering what you thought was fair and if you had any idea as to how munch to make. I was thinking around 8 dozen.

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It depends on what kind of biscotti you're making. I price my cookies (everything except decorated sugar cookies) by adding up how much the ingredients cost per dozen, then doubling that number. My chocolate chip cookies cost about $3.25 a dozen to make, so I charge $6.50 a dozen (they're HUGE cookies - roughly two tablespoons of dough per cookie). I sell biscotti and nut rolls around the holidays. The nut rolls are $10 for a 12"roll and the biscotti go for between $6-$10 a dozen. The lower end dosen't have nuts or any type of decoration (i.e. one end dipped in chocolate and rolled in jimmies, or a chocolate drizzle), while the higher end contains nuts and decoration. I think eight dozen sounds about right. That's 96 biscotti, about 3 biscotti per person. If they're cut small and it's a group of big eaters, I'd probably make 9 dozen just to be safe. Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. I quoted them $60 for nine dozen: almond, pistachio and hazelnut and they told me they wanted them for $30. I thanked them for their interest, but perhaps StellaDora was more in line with their budget! Ah you get what you pay for icon_biggrin.gif
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Good for you!!
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I think $60 was low-balling! That's what drives me crazy...people have no idea how expensive ingredients are, especially nuts. They expect you to whip up fabulous stuff but don't want to pay for it. You did the right thing. Let them buy junk for $30 and save yourself the aggrevation. icon_razz.gif
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Your quote was very low. For what they are willing to pay, they may as well buy bags of Oreos!

I noticed on they get $18.00 for a dozen of old fashioned cookies!
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