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CALI4DAWN...Please Help

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I can't find the cutters you mentioned (for making little individual wedding favour boxes) at CK Products. Could you send me a link if you come across them again? I don't know if I'm just terrible at searching or what but I swear I looked through every page at their site. Perhaps I'm just not familiar with the terminology of what the industry calls them.

Please help,
Suzanne M.
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Let's make sure we're talking about the same thing. Do you have a link to picture of anyone's to show me? I've made boxes using many items, and just cutting them myself.

You know - I think it's molds I've seen.... not cutters.

Send me a link or two and I bet I (and others) can help you out.
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Earlene has pics of some:

Hope the link works.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Suzanne M.
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Yep, that's what I thought. Those are put together with individual molds and impression mats. It's very easy to do. It's really not any different than the toy box we made for a shower cake topper.

Get yourself some bead makers, molds and impression cutters and you're good to go. Do you need to know how?
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Yes...I'm hopeless.

I get the beads for around the top and a mold for the design on the top but I'm talking about cutting out the actual box. How do you make the actual form of the box?

Suzanne M.

Impression Cutters?
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No problems. We all weren't born knowing everything.... right? We had to ask...

It's a all measuring and cutting. Do you want a square, round or oval box? Cut the bottom using a stencil or pattern. Now cut your sides to fit using a ruler. Use your impression mats to make a pattern on the boxes if you like.

Using egg glue, glue it all together. Now mold your fondant into the molds and release. Glue these to the box where you want them.

Make the top in the same manner as the bottom, but a bit larger with the tops walls a hint smaller to fit inside the box.

I can make one tomorrow and show you. i don;t have all the fancy molds (I do have a few) they have used. But I can make one ice enough to give you a good idea of how t do it.

It's really easy, just tiny and major attention to detail. Not a lot of room for sloppiness.

I'll also get together information on the impression mats for you.
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I totally appreciate your help. You are very understanding.

Is the actual box made of fondant, gumpaste or 50/50...or is it my choice?

Thanks for offering to make don't need to do that.

Suzanne M.
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I make everything out of fondant. Many times I add Tylose Powder. This makes it dry harder. But I only use fondant. I've read all the differences in the different products, but so far I don't get it based on my usage experience. I know SQC knows a lot more about this. Maybe she will respond here. But I've used it all... in classes.... but I only use fondant at home- for flowers, figure molding... all of it. I don't see any different results.
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I've only ever used fondant as well. However, my husband got me a big can of gumpaste mix for Valentine's Day...I know that sounds like an odd gift but to me it was very thoughtful. So, I was just wondering...since I have it I may try to use it for something.

I think I'll try one in fondant first...since that's what I'm used to working with. Wish me luck...I'll post it when I'm finished.

For now I have to work on this stand-up Bratz doll cake for my niece (turning 9). I bought the doll today...ugly thing with a big head, plastered on make-up and slutty clothes...not sure how this is going to look. I can't believe what kids are into these days...lucky mine are 2 and 5 mos.

Thanks again for your help,
Suzanne M.
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Originally Posted by suzyqqq27


lucky mine are 2 and 5 mos.

I have a feeling it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

I wanted to make sure you have a tip given to me the first time I made a box. Make your bottom a bit thick and let it dry over night first.

You will be happy you did.
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