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You may not have the streaking issue if your knife is hot enough. Tap water doesn't cut it (as you have found out). I've not had this happen, but my water is boiling hot.

Spatulas: I have two long straight, two medium slanted, three very short slanted. I use them all and like them all for different purposes.

Don't limit ourself to kid's parties for the CCC's. They are great anywhere cutting, plates and forks would be a pain. I've even had someone order one for a groom's cake at a rehearsal dinner. They wanted 40 servings and got exactly 40 servings- no worries about who's cutting it and will the slices be to industry standard. They really enjoyed it.

I'm married to a cop. They can't stand around cutting and eating cake with a fork and a plate. But they can grab a cupcake and run out the door.

Cut cake gets dry. Cupcakes don't. So, if the cake will be sitting out (as on a buffet) - serve a ccc- fresh piece every time.

Oh yeah- another plus on the boiling water. When you are done squirt a shot of dish-washing liquid in the water and swoosh it around. You'll have this really hot water to place your dirty tips and bags in. Leave them there a minute or two. Makes them much easier to wash!