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Satin ice I hate you

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I am beside myself. Every time I try to cover my cakes in satin ice fondant i get a horrible elephant skin. I have tried just using shortening, I have tried using cf and ps, I have tried using nothing. i have tried varying thicknesses but nothing seems to make a difference.


I bought 10 kgs of it!!! I am just going to use it to mix with gum paste to make my decorations.


What fondant should I try now? I am getting desperate.


I am in Australia .

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same here, I get lots of little craters with Satin Ice,  don't know what else to try. didn't like Fondarific either. very frustrating indeed.

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If you don't get an answer try posting on the aussie thread.   I have not had any problems with my satin ice so I can't help you.

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Originally Posted by cazza1 View Post

If you don't get an answer try posting on the aussie thread.   I have not had any problems with my satin ice so I can't help you.

That's I didn't know there was an au thread!
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I'm in Aus too. I had terrible trouble with satin ice too. I thought i was doing something wrong, then I switched to bakels and no more elephant skin! So much better to work with. I used up my satin ice covering boards. But the last bucket of bakels I bought was very hard, even a little dried out, and that made it hard to knead and roll out. So now I'm thinking about trying fondx or fondariffic. Definitely not going back to satin ice though.
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Knead in a little glycerin, or mix it with the bakels , then lesson learnt don't buy the evil crap again. 

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I've read people have good luck with mixing satin ice and marshmallow fondant... maybe try that, since you've already bought so much?

MMF is very easy to make... just melt marshmallows (2 bags) with 3-4 tbsp of water, add enough PS so that it is pliable and a bit stringy. Let it rest in a covered bowl for 6-8 hours and it'll be the perfect consistency to use! HTH!

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Yes, try mixing MMF and SatinIce. I do it all the time to cover all my cakes. MMF takes a long while to dry, so mixing them both together improves workability a lot. Best of luck!
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Seems to me that's the problem I had w/SI when it 1st came out.  As I remember, after talking to the creator, it had much to do with the temp in the room.

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Thankyou for all of the replies I might try some bakels. And hope for the best.
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You could also mix it with modeling chocolate. There are different ratios (modeling chocolate/fondant) you could use. It think the most popular is 50/50.

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I've used satin ice only once and I will NEVER use it again it was horrible! Cracks and everything, I usually just use Wilton fondant and it's not perfect but the satin ice I got elephant skin all over disgusting huge waste of money and time
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I too had problems with Satin Ice. Switched to Fondx a few years ago.  LOVE IT!  No elephant skin, easy to work with and never dries out on the cake.

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Thought I would update for anybody experiencing the same problem.


My bak els arrived and I was so nervous, dreading the same thing happening.


Well as soon as i started to get it out of the bucket I knew it was going to be different. It is very firm whereas SI is soft. I used some shortening on my hands to knead in the colour and then rubbed it all over the table. It went on the cake flawlessly and I was so so happy. The SI developed the elephant skin as soon as it touched the cake. Bakels doesn't budge.

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I too HATE Satin Ice....I've had them replace my last purchase because it was too sticky and would tear as soon as soon as I applied it to the cake. I absloutley love mmf. Nothing else works better for me. My go to recipe is actually on this site! I will go get and post it here for you. 

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