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Softball Cupcake Toppers

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I made some softball toppers last year out of fondant. I am looking for an easy way but more realistic look time. I opted to make cupcakes for my daughter's softball team. Last year I attempted to use Wilton decorator gel but the taste was gross not mention I kept getting tails on  the stitching. I ended up using an edible marker which looked fine but wanted a better representation.  Any ideas or tips?



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Try royal icing

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Not sure how you did it with fondant before, but I have as we'll and was pretty quick in my opinion. I just cut out 2" circle in rolled out white fondant and used a red food pen to draw the lines and stitching then set it on top of the frosting. My hands aren't steady enough for royal icing haha.
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I used crusting buttercream kind of thin. Did the line, then came back with the stitches.
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I just made baseball ones I used wilton red and mixed with a little of vodka (I mean little : ) ) The vodka dries quickly. It's like using a pen only with a paint brush : )

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This is probably too late, but I just saw this on Facebook from Everyday Cake Ocasions (not spelled correctly). I never thought about using a star tip and alternating the direction to look like stitches

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