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Help needed please.... I cant seem to bake anymore!

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For some reason my sponge cakes now seem to have a dense rubbery texture.  I have never had a problem before, they have always been light and fluffy, but every cake I bake now comes out awful.  Ive tried changing my flour, I tried a different recipe, ive replaced my scales and ive also tried a heating rod in the middle. Ive also made sure im creaming the butter and sugar together enough. Please help, I really don't know what im doing wrong now?  Ive been baking years but I really feel like giving up my cake decorating business now because I just cant seem to understand what im doing wrong. thanks

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Hi Alask

I'm in the same boat as you ! You are not alone, are you using a mixer ?

I have found answers on another thread that may lead to overbeating the batter ?

What cake are trying to do ?
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ive recently had the same issue but my cakes didnt rise try checking your ovem temp thats what caused mine and also when i was shaking the pan as my batter is watery it all clumped in the middle causing it to rise only in the middle.


hope this helps abit

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If the only constant is your oven then as advised above check that first. try mixing at different speeds might see a difference.
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Thanks everyone for your replies, you've helped loads, so thanks again. It seems it was my oven!!!! I had a new oven just before this started happening, I have since used an oven temperature and it turns out my oven is running 20 degrees lower than what its set at. I cant believe I didn't think of it before!

Ive also made sure ive been creaming the butter / sugar together a bit more, as I think maybe I was rushing a bit! Its mad how something simple can cause so much stress eh! Thanks again.


Jo - I hope you get yours sorted too, its so frustrating isn't it? Yes I use a mixer and I do worry I over mix sometimes with it.  Once I add the flour, I keep it on the lowest speed and mix it just until the flours mixed in. Ive just been making the normal Victoria sponge and madeira cake recipes.

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