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Thanks for all the advice origional cake is a 3 tier with ribbon and 1 row of rhinestones. I'm only having about 50 people but the Baker said it would feed about 100. The origional price is $390. She quoted me $1000 for this cake in 3 tiers. I thought that was quite a price jump for the pearls and figured I could place them myself but after reading how time consuming it is I think I will see if she has any ideas for something similar but more price friendly. If you all have any suggestions I would appreciate them. And I like the cake because it is just beautiful and makes a statement. It just says look at me!

It's awesome that you are being so open to new ideas! There are TONS of ways to 'glam' up a cake while staying in a budget and I am sure you will find the one for you.

Might I recommend pinterest? icon_biggrin.gif

Also, I think when you talk to the baker, letting her know that you understand just how much time and effort she puts into making these cakes would make her day. I am sure she deals with a lot of inflexible and pouty people who just don't get it.

I hope you stick around! You just might find a new hobby icon_lol.gif
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big thanks to everyone for all your advise...i just spoke to my baker and she is going to do the "pearls" in royal icing for me for $125! thanks Dayti for that idea!! i dont expect it to be exact but im sure my baker will do a fantastic job!! again thanks to everyone who told me not to do it because i agree i will be to stressed and time crunched and for the new idea to make it within my budget!! i will post a pic to show the final result after my wedding in may. you all were a great help!!!

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