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hello, im making cupcakes tomorrow for monday , we have a school gathering and I was asked to make cupcakes . I was wondering what would happen if i frost them and refrigirate the cupcakes over night.will they harden ? and how can I make sure that my cupcakes or frosting won't harden?
one more question .. Will the buttercream frosting melt or change shape if its kept outside ?

I would appreciate it if I got an answer right away ! Help !!

thank you

gaga x
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It's ok to refrigerate cupcakes.  Just keep them well wrapped/covered.  They will harden slightly from the cold but they will come back to room temperature just fine.  


As for your frosting,  Most will do the same but I think it comes down to what kind of recipe you are using.  For me, this affects when and how I ice/ store them.  A crusting buttercream, for example, whether you refrigerate or not, will leave a slight "hardness" on the surface of the icing which isn't a huge deal, but  frosting too far in advanced or leaving them to the air can worsen the crust.  This is also a very sturdy icing which won't "melt or change shape" and doesn't require refrigeration so it has its benefits.  If I use this on cupcakes, I try to ice them as close to serving as possible and keep them well covered.  Anything like a cream cheese based though, needs to be refrigerated, will soften when left out and is not good in any kind of heat.   So probably not a good choice for a school function. Hope this helped.

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Do you absolutely need to refrigerate them? If not, I wouldn't.
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Originally Posted by AnnieCahill View Post

Do you absolutely need to refrigerate them? If not, I wouldn't.


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