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Cracks in buttercream

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me why I get cracks in  my buttercream icing.   I ice my cakes and put the decorations on while the buttercream is still soft (so the decor will stick).  The cake looks great and then when I am ready to deliver it the next day, while traveling or just moving the cake to my van, the icing cracks.  I have 3 or 4 cake boards and it is plenty sturdy.  I use crisco, water, powdered sugar and flavors for my recipe.  Please help me as this is so frustrating because I never know when or where the cracks are going to show up.  Thank you!

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I'm not really sure why it happens, but I know the topic has been discussed and I think there may have been an answer or two in there. If you go to the search function and type in "icing cracks" you skills find a couple threads on the info
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it can have to do with your ingredient ratios and/or your cake board sturdiness. As morganchampagne said, it has been discussed in other threads. You can search for the topic and I'm sure you'll find some helpful info in previous discussions. Good luck.

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I had the same problems with my icing until I switched to hi ratio shortening. Huge difference!
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I think you can add some corn syrup or a SMALL amount of vinegar to minimize cracks.  It sounds like you need more fat or liquid in your recipe.

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Originally Posted by pinchofsweetener View Post

....... your cake board sturdiness......


The only time my buttercream has ever cracked:

was when the iced cake was chilled, and it only sat on a flimsy cardboard, which flexed and cracked the chilled icing when it was removed from the fridge.

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I believe you have to much sugar and not enough fat in your icing. ...if you post your recipe we could probably help much of each do you use of sugar and fat?
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Thank you all so much, I did read through some of the forums, it may be my icing.  I just dont get why sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not.  

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