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Extreme tall cake, please help

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Hello everyone,


I have been asked to make a double barrel cake. I have googled to get some insight but I still would like to ask all of you if my thought process seems correct. So the client wants a 6 inch round by 18 inch high cake. I thought about making 3 sets of 4 inch cake (2 inches each layer) and then have rice krispies formed for the other 4 inches, all with cream in-between each layer, all doweled with 3 full length dowels into the 10 inch base drum. 



1.would the RK layer be best on the top or split alternating with the cake. for example 4 inches of cake/ RK/ 4 inches of cake / RK / 4 inches of cake


2.can this be done with buttercream and then fondant on top?


3. would the placement of the cake circles be every 4 inches of cake? needed? or if I construct it as my example in question one, a cake circle on top and under the RK?


Is this even possible or nuts for considering?


Any insight and suggestions would be most appreciated.


Thanks so much!

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Actually I would put the RKT as the base, to give you a sturdy foundation, and it will be easier to cut the cake if the RKT is not at the top.


You need to put a cardboard round every 4", and dowels in the 4" below. It won't work just having 4 very long dowels - the cakes, though small, will possibly crush the layers below. You can go ahead and hammer one or two long dowels through the cake, boards, RKT and into the drum when you're done decorating to help the stability.


Yes, you can use buttercream and fondant (although my preference is ganache under fondant). I personally would cover in fondant wrapping the cake, then adding a "lid", rather than trying to do it the usual way. Just because your cake will be 3x high as it is wide so it will be tricky to cover in one go, top and all. 


Good luck!

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hello Dayti, thank you for your reply. yes, I should also use the tea straws in the cake as well, forgot. wrapping I think will be best too. Thanks again.

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