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Should I start my own business?

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So, I am really torn whether I should start my own cake decorating business. I am only 21, and I have been decorating cakes on the side for about 2 years now. Everyone has been telling me I need to start my own business. I've gotten lots of comments about my cakes, "your cakes are not cakes, they are art", "I've never seen cakes like yours", people really seem to like my cakes, and I live in BC, and there is a very high demand for them. People have been asking me for business cards, which I dont have.

If I do start my own business, how much could I expect making?

Also, should I work at a bakery? Or go straight to starting my own business?

I just dont know what to expect from starting my business. Just looking for some advice. 



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Originally Posted by enga View Post

Wow! Your cakes are very nice. I would start off with the nearest SCORE in your area to work on a business plan.


I know any bakery would love to have you by your skills alone. If you want to start your own business you need to ask yourself is this something that I want to spend long hours, dedication to and possibly no pay for a while.


Don't just jump out there like I did, have a solid foundation and a business plan. I'm sure others will chime in with  more information.


Just my two cents. Good Luck!!!!

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See this thread for part of your answer:


Your cakes are definitely professional.  To answer your question, yes, you should work at a bakery.  Even though you might feel like your skills are above the basics, you need to see how the business end operates (because you will be doing it all, from washing pans to making gumpaste flowers).  It will help you determine if it's something you even want to deal with. 

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They are VERY nice....mine certainly didn't look like THAT only two years into it!

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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There's a really cool course you can do online which gives you all the ins and outs of starting a cake business from home by Louise Vansleve. You can get to the course through her site

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