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Enjoy craftsy. You'll get addicted icon_smile.gif
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lol thank you x
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This is the one you want.
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Just been watching wow so many great ideas on there thank you , omg your not going belive this but I have just gone onto sugar paste direct to order some and they are 100 yards from me !! Lol x
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400 watched them all x
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Sorry I haven't been able to look through all the posts so I'm not sure what was said before, but I had to respond as I completely sympathise with your issue cos I've had it before.

Personally I think the issue is the Morrisons sugarpaste, I am a huge fan of Tesco cos it tastes better IMHO than many of the more expensive ones and for the most part I find it easy to work with, but even that went through a faze where tesco re did the recipe and it didn't work as well! But at the moment I am loving it again, it's smooth, easy to roll, holds up well to being moved about and takes a fair bit of icing sugar to get to the point where it cracks! (plus I get clubcard points for buying it! Win-win I think!)

Some of it is practice but I would say be a little weary of American advice, I've worked with fondant from the US in college and it isn't the same to work with as British lines of sugarpaste are, not saying be weary the advice of Americans over all but just note that the products they are working with aren't necessarily the same as the ones we find easy to come by.

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Hi nat12321
Thank you for replying it must be my fondant causing my issues , I think that's was why I was scared off mmf as I tried to follow American recipes and have worked out that they use different things than us , do you use tescos all the time on any size cakes ? or do you use sugar paste , regal ice , cover paste etc ?
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I pretty much exclusively use Tesco, I also liked Baco but haven't used it in a long time, and I'm not sure you can get it other than comercially (that could be wrong though). Personally I find regalice a little on the soft side and Tescos easier to work with cos its a bit firmer. It like all sugarpastes softens with warmth and firms up when its cold or too much icing sugar is added to it, but its my favourite to work with straight out of the packet, once I realised I liked it I didn't try others really.
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Hello Nicki
You poor dear. Been there, done that. Firstly....DON'T GIVE UP!! We have all had cake disasters of one type or another. I agree with the remarks regarding your brand of fondant. I don't have Morisons, I'm in Canada. But have Wilton.....nasty, nasty stuff. Develops "elephant skin" just like you showed in your pic. I am also a hobby baker, so try and keep costs down. I discovered Michelle Fosters fondant recipe. Very easy to make. You pair it with either a cheaper your Morrison's, or white chocolate. It's so, so easy to work with. Now that being said, you must knead your fondant well before rolling out. You can usually tell by the feel if it's dry. There's no pliability. That's when you add shortening, a bit at a time and knead in. Usually helps. But I have found, if your fondant is super amount of kneading/shortening is going to help.
Chin up....and keep at it. icon_surprised.gif)
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Thank you jchuck you always think at the time that it only ever happens to you, I've spend my day googling ,watch videos etc and I feel I'm doing everything right apart from the cheap fondant lesson learned . The more I read the more I have the fear of over kneading , drying out my fondant, using powders to drying it out icon_sad.gif adding to much trex omg lol
Maybe I could just trail different ways and products and then stick to what I no best ,
Can't thank you all enough icon_smile.gif moods lifting but heads pounding x
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Well it can be very disheartening. But your correct about trial and error. What works for some, doesn't work for others. You will find what works best for you. I have a cake friend in Harrow, hobbyist, like me. She uses Regalice fondant brand mixed with her own homemade MMF. Says it works well. The trick about making your own fondant is to not over melt your marshmallows in the micro....done that....ended up total disaster. Gooey, gummy fondant. I've been around a while...baking since I was 13 yrs of age. I don't get quite as ruffled as I've had some years of experience in just baking in general. But none the less...have had many bad cake days too. Just became a gives you a idea that I'm a wee bit older than you.
Just glad your feeling better about the whole situation. Cake decorating is like any other endeavour ....there's many failures along the way to triumph. If you don't don't learn....... As they say.....try, try again. Practice makes perfect .....and I've practiced lots....and still do.
Keep caking....icon_smile.gif
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If I could ( hug )you I would what a lovely lady you are full of knowledge and patience , you will become a wonderful grandmother , I will take all the advise on board hopefully with lots of good cakes and maybe a few mishaps (fingers crossed ) icon_smile.gif I can start to help people on there disasters like everyone has helped me give a little back as at the moment I cannt really help any one with not knowing that much but I've every faith it will come in time, practise makes perfect ! I should no that really with my line if work , don't want people to think I'm not willing to do all the research myself by asking as it's easier I'm not I've reader and researched before coming to a dead end ,
Congratulations on your grandchild enjoy every moment icon_smile.gif my dad was only saying today when he pooped in they grow up to fast and a grandchild's love is so much different to have than your child as you aren't around them as much and miss special moments and memories that now a days he tries to capture them all xx ,
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How nice......virtual hug received!!!! Hopefully I will be a good grandma. As long as I don't stick my nose in where it doesn't belong....hee hee. Unfortunately, my daughter and son-in-law live on the other coast ....... Atlantic provinces........ icon_sad.gif. But they planning to come back our way, but not quite sure when. you gain experience, you can help others. This is what I try to do.
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Make sure you knead it a lot before you roll it out. Have you tried adding some water to it? Maybe the fondant is too dry. Every time my fondant is dry I add some water to it, and it becomes smooth and perfect again. Hope everything works out!

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Thank you for replying, I haven't tried that but I will bear that in mind , to be honest I'm not really sure how the texture of fondant should feel , it seems to feel like new play doh firm, I have brought red and black regalice before and it felt nothing like that the regalice was really soft and pliable ,I do fear of over kneading as I have read this can be done is it true? What does the fondant feel like if it is over kneaded ?
Thanks x
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