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Much needed advice on fondant please having a nightmare :-( so upset

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Hi everyone ,
I would be really and truly grateful on any tips and advice please feel like never making another cake again it's really knocked my confidence spent all afternoon in tears icon_sad.gif so disheartened
Hubby has told me ask you guys for help and take it as a learning curve but it really does hurt when you try your very best as bet most of you have had off day ,
I'm having a huge problem with my last two cakes with covering them with fondant they have tiny splits all over the fondant , I don't no what I'm doing wrong I have googled and googled after the first time thinking what I have done wrong but it's happened again today ,so here goes
I have made a 8" square cake 4" high and a 12" square cake 4" high
The fondant/ rolled icing I use is from my local super market pre made morrisons as I'm in the uk as I've failed every time I've tried to make mmf it's always ended up in the bin, I used 1.25kg on the 8" and 2.5 kg on the 12" rolling 1/8" thick both times ,I used my large silcone mat only on the 8" but it kept gathering up but I made do and with the 12" I put it straight on my kitchen side using trex this time so it didn't stick , the 1st time no trex at all was added but the 2nd time I put a tiny bit of trex onto the fondant as I had read on here that it can make fondant more pliable . No icing sugar/ cornflower/ powder sugar was added or used at anytime on both cakes as I no it can dry it out , as soon as I got about half way on my rolling I noticed my fondant had started to have tiny sort of scratch marks in like it was tearing /splitting, so I'd re roll it but still happened both times not as bad on the 8" after applying it on the cake after trying many times to solve it it looked a mess so each time I had to throw the fondant away and undo more packs as it wasn't reusable due to buttercream and it still keeps happening in the end I had no choice but to leave in on and try to patch it up the best I could, it also seemed to be tearing from the sides which I always tried to seal first to ensure the weight wouldn't pull it down , after reading melting fondant would help cover it which on big areas looked a mess or mixing royal icing and patching it up which both times I ended up doing nearly to most of the sides and top, it has disguised it to some de image.jpg 712k .jpg file gree but as I no it is there it's really got me down, I'll upload images
I really hope you can shed some light on what I'm doing wrong I've only made about 15 cakes all have been mainly round and around 8" I no square are harder to do,
Also please could you tell me how to lift or move fondant onto the cake I've tried lifting it on my forearms but it rips ,I've tried rolling it back on my rolling pin put seems to weight done and miss shape grrr today's not my day
Fingers crossed you can help it's costing me a small fortune as I'm only making for family and friends so very little profit as you all no,
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By chance, are you kneading the fondant well before rolling it out?

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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At first glance, I thought it was textured royal icing.


Do you have more pictures you can upload to show more of what's going on?


Also, you can add shortening in by smearing it on your hands before kneading if it seems dried out.  If it's been sitting on a shelf for a really long time, it may be bad.

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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If you get white buttercream on it, you can still use it once you remove from cake.  Just make sure you don't have any cake crumbs in it, knead it back in.

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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Being from the UK too I would say your first issue is that you're using Morrison's fondant. I have never had much luck with any of the supermarket brands except Asda & Tesco. Unfortunately they have now changed their recipes so that their once brilliant fondant is now awful. Personally, I use Carma Massa Ticino, it is expensive and you have to order a lot (from wholesale suppliers) but the quality is so much higher than the rest that it is worth it (I'm not professional but charge for cakes for friends etc). Other options are Regalice/Renshaw/Covapaste, available online and from cake shops, I've not had much luck with these but the majority of the UK swears by these brands. Satin Ice has recently reached our shores, it is a good consistency but can be temperamental. I've had quite a lot of elephant skin with it and it has a weird smell but tastes okay. I have made MFF (Michelle Foster's Fondant) and added white chocolate to it and have found that it is brilliant with the added chocolate. It makes it a lot easier to use and gives it great elasticity but it is messy and time consuming to make. If you're on a budget I would definitely give MFF a go. 


I personally would try a round cake before you try squares. I swore I would never make another cake after making a practice square wedding cake as my first one. I couldn't cover it, cried my eyes out and ended up taking it to work uncovered and dished it out. 

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Hi thank you for replying beesknees578,

image.jpg 1594k .jpg file only images I have before I applied the royal icing I have a couple of after images
image.jpg 105k .jpg file
My buttercream is tinted yellow and it was covered in cake crumbs around the edges and little on the top so the mood I was in the bin was my first way of stress relief before throwing the cake up the wall lol,
I do knead well but fear of over kneading as I have read you can do that too, the fondant doesn't seem dried out so I'm a little worried of adding to much shortening
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Hi Lisa peps
Thank you for replying ,I brought supermarket fondant as on average I am making 1 or 2 cakes a month, I have always used the same fondant apart from when I have used black or red then I have brought regalice from a local cake shop but the white works out really expensive morrisons is £2.20 a Kg the cake shop is £4 a kg is it a case of you get what you pay for ? I do work full time and have a young family so time is precious to a point ,I would like to spend what ever is required without spending more than I have to,I have made round cakes and never had this problem but the problem seems to start before I apply to the cake then the applying makes it stretch and get worse ,
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Unfortunately it's a case of you get what you pay for then. Maybe try going to the other supermarkets and see if they are any better. I'd try sainsburys first.
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I find supermarket brands too soft & it's just so much easier with the more expensive brands. I order renshaws on ebay
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Morrisons icing is very cheap both in price and quality. I would say try sainsbury if you want to stick with supermarket brands. My local cake shop sells coverpaste, it does work out a bit more but I never have problems with it.
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Try sugarpaste direct. 5kg for about £13. No p&p. it has gum trag in and once you've given it a good need to activate it it never tears or rips. I also love squires sugarpaste but it's a bit more expensive. I'm a hobby baker too but I charge to cover the fondant so I'd rather have decent fondant!
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Can't thank you all enough for replying I will change my fondant to a better value one if you all think it's that. , me and hubby just couldn't work it out if it was that ,as I had used it on other cakes 9" round and it had never happened so I thought I would make my technique known and see if it was that I was doing was wrong, but as you all have commented on my icing I will look into ordering some better valve icon_smile.gif
Cupcakemaker do you no how long I can store the 5kg for once it has been opened ?
Am I doing everything else right? Is adding a tiny bit of trex a good idea? Also please could you tell me your fondant moving technique ? I struggle with this
I trying rolling it back on the rolling pin lifting it that way, I'll upload a image from the internet

image.jpg 27k .jpg file
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Squares are much harder to cover! Your paste looked a little dry to me so maybe you had overworked it? Used too much icing sugar? I store the icing for ages. It comes in a big bag in a box so I just cut off what I want and leave it in the bag!

To move fondant I fold it over the rolling pin, I don't roll it up. I then hold one side up against the cake, drape it over, Smooth the top and top edge straight away. The quicker you adhere it to the cake the less likely it will tear. Your pin looks a bit thin to me. You might want to try a plastic pme one mine is 20 inches I think.

Have you tried craftsy? It's a web based tutorial site, there's a free fondant one you can sign up and watch.

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P.s yes I've been known to add trex to very dry fondant but I don't usually need to.

As you do more cakes I recommend trying ganache under your fondant. The results are so much better than buttercream!
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Maybe I did over work it I did start to panic thinking oh no not again grrr, I didn't use any powdered or icing sugar ,that's good to no you keep it for a while as I don't make that many think its a confidence thing with wasn't my rolling pin it was a image I got off the internet I have a pme white plastic one that's 20" I use , I just used the image to show you how I do it,I've just joined crafty so going sit and watch the videos now . Thank you for all your advice I really do appreciate it icon_smile.gif
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