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Tilted Cake Tier

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Hello Everyone, this is my first post.  A friend has asked me to make a cake for her that has the middle cake tier sitting on it's side.  If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would be very appreciative.  Thanks so much



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This cake is amazing. I have also wondered how to do this. I think you may have to have a built structure to hold it. But not positive. Would love to hear how as well!
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Here is a tutorial. There is another one on a blog that I can't find right now...I will keep looking.

(Note, this is not my tutorial. Just found it linked on a pic on cc)
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Hello!  I have done a similar cake design with Styrofoam wedges.  You may have to alter the design to cover the wedges.  But, it is a lot easier to make that way.


Just get a real small dummy and cut it in half on a diagonal, and you may be able to use both wedges.  Or get a small Styrofoam disk at a craft store, cut it in half, glue the 2 pieces together and sand them down to the size disc you need.  Cover the wedges in a coordinating color fondant and make sure you drive a shortened central dowel in each section to the next section as you build it.


I learned how in an awesome class from Ron Ben Israel for topsy turvy cakes.  It is a cute cake and you will do fine!  Good luck!

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Thank you sassyzan! I could not find a link anywhere! The one you gave was very helpful!
Cindym...I am having a hard time picturing what you you still build a support structure and use Styrofoam instead if real cake for the tilted tier?
I'm just trying to decide which method to go with.
Thanks again
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