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Could use some design advice!

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Hey all!


I have a cake coming up for a good friend of mine. It's a 2 tiered beauty.  


My question pertains to the bottom tier. 


My friend is a big fan of Lululemon fitness attire, and even more of a fan of the color purple (not the book, the actual color) . My plan is to cover the bottom tier in the Lululemon "manifesto" (except that I'm changing the background color from red to purple).


Should I attach the icing image to the cake in panels (repetitive panels)  or in a decoupage style (kind of patchy looking)? I am just worried that there will be "TOO MUCH GOING ON", know what I mean? I plan to put the lulu lemon emblem logo in the center of the tier to give the eye something to focus on. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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I vote for panels.  I never like the look I get when layering image sheets.  They are a little thicker than regular paper, and you see that thickness anytime they overlap.  If you are talking about just small word "pieces" on a buttercream or fondant covered cake, it will be hard to get the background color of the image to match the color of the cake.


However you decide to go, I am sure your friend will love it - it is a very cute idea!

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OH! I didn't even consider the thickness of the icing sheets! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention.


What about if I cut the sheets in a way that I can piece them back together at different angles, so that they don't over lap? I do want to cover the entire tier in the icing image.


Any more thoughts?

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I thought about it, I am just going to straight panel the pieces onto the cake. So excited!

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Panel pieces would be better, just like @cupadeecakes mentioned, it would end up being quite thick if you would do patches.

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