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When to bake?

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I have a cake due Saturday morning. Was wondering if the cake would become stale/taste not fresh if i bake it tonight? (wednesday night) its a chocolate cake with ganache filling and icing and covered with fondant.


One more question. any idea as to how much ganache i would need to fill and cover an 8 inch round cake thats appx 4 inches high?



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If you cover the cake, I think it should be fine. I've baked 4 days in advance and haven't had any problems.

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You could also bake and then freeze it. I freeze most of my cakes at least over night and they always turn out very moist. Good luck!
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i might try to make my daughter wedding cake it won't be that big maybe 3 tiers, i can freeze the cakes but how long before can assemble it without it getting stale i really don't want to make it the day before it will be fondant Thank you

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I personally have kept cakes in the freezer for up to a week just fine. Make sure they are wrapped tight in saran wrap and then aluminum foil. Maybe someone else has more experience freezing them longer? Hopefully others will chime in.
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yes i have froze them and they have come out fine, but i was wondering i really don't want to make the cake the day before so how long will it stay fresh i'm using fondant  Thank you

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Oh I'm so sorry. I misread that. icon_smile.gif If it is covered in fondant maybe two days ?? Make sure it is in a box or covered to keep dust off! I personally assemble all of mine the day before.
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ok so maybe 2 day's before no longer i'm so nerves about making this cake i'm making a practice cake Thanks

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I'm sure it will turn out great. Please post pics when you're done! Good luck.
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ok thank you
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