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MMF Figures

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Hi! I'd love some advice on my MMF figures. My first problem is that my figures are too soft and squash down while they are drying. Then once they are dry they seem to get too hard and I have problems with parts breaking off (for example, the feet and wings on penguins I made for my sons birthday). My kids eat the figures and love the way the MMF tastes so changing to regular fondant or adding anything that alters the taste is not an option. Is there another technique I can use or a special way to dry them out / store them properly? All tips and advice appreciated! Thank you!!!
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Do you build your figures on a base like spaghetti (or toothpicks, but if you let your kids eat them, toothpicks may not be a good option)?
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I used spaghetti to attach some of the heads depending on the position they were in but not in the body. Should I have one as a main support in the body? Thanks!
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Do u use tylose in your mmf when making figures? I use mmf for everything and live in very humid and hot climate, tylose (and air con) is the best defence for me!
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Well, if you are having trouble with squashing, having an internal support might help. I did not suggest using tylose since you indicated that your children like to eat the figures and tylose firms them up quite a bit. I think this is a case of sacrificing overall look for the texture, since the point is to allow your children to eat them. If you do use the tylose, just keep a watchful eye on their teeth! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the feedback! I agree that since the kids really love to them I can sacrifice the looks a little. Any tips on how to keep the limbs from falling off after they dry? Should I store them in a sealed container so they don't dry out completely? Or attach them with some type of edible glue? I use just water for smaller, lighter parts and dry spaghetti for bigger but when they dry out too much I've had things break and/or fall off. Thanks again!!!
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Drop a tiny piece of your MMF (or gumpaste, if you ever use it) into your water and let it dissolve for a good glue. Or if you have tylose powder, sprinkle some of that into your water. I think some people have success putting a little corn syrup in their water but I have not tried that. Keeping them away from humidity will help, so storing in a covered dish after the wet parts have dried a bit might help.
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When I add tylose, it doesn't really affect the taste of my mmf - just makes it more 'gummy' (chewy like). I have never added so much that it makes it go rock hard... I sprinkle the tylose on the bit of mmf I am about to sculpt, if it feels too stiff like I've added too much, I use a bit of shortening on my fingers to make it pliable again. I use mostly toothpicks for attaching heads to bodies and use sugar glue (bought in a bottle from a cake shop) to attach arms, etc. Good trick with sugar glue is use your paintbrush to brush on a little bit then wait 30 seconds or so for it to become tacky, before u attach the bits n pieces.
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