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Oh I love the bunnies!! They are so, so cute!

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Well, I delivered the cake and the little boy was sooo thrilled with it!  So where his parents.  They couldn't believe I'd take the time to bake and decorate the cake for them.  Made me feel good.  I got the cake there in one piece (only had one of the gumpaset figures fall backward, but had taken some buttercream and just put some of that under his feet and he stayed up just fine, along with the toothpicks I had put in his feet when I made him!).  I also made him some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with the cake.  His dad was more excited about that than the cake!!!  These are friends of my oldest son's, so he's had my ice cream before.  They are doing a family birthday celebration tomorrow night after everyone gets off work, so they were glad to have the cake and ice cream and not have to worry about that part of it.  Again, it made me feel good.


Now, I just have to figure out how to post pictures and see if I can get a picture up.  It's my first tiered, fondant covered cake (since the cake I did in the Wilton fondant class) and I know it wasn't perfect, but I still felt pretty good about it.  Lots of new things I tried, and if I ever make another one like it I'll know what to do and what not to do next time.  Definitely a learning experience.  Now, I'm relaxing and getting ready to head to bed.  Didn't realize how stressed I was about getting this cake done and delivered without any mishaps!

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Yay! Well done Gerle! Can't wait to see pics :) There's nothing better than seeing people who are thrilled with their cake.

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Congrats on finishing your first three tier and delivering it successfully. icon_smile.gif Don't be too hard on yourself, either. Everyone is a beginner at the beginning! I have to remind myself of that fact every time I see the beautiful works of people I admire here at CC. Some have natural talent, for sure, but hard work will also take you to the top! I learned that in law school, where everything came easily to me while one of my friends struggled to understand basic concepts. While I completed my reading assignments, I never really studied. She studied ALL the time, really worked hard and stayed focused and she is now a very successful attorney while I gave it all up to bake cakes. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for all the lovely comments.  I do enjoy getting to be a part of this community and seeing what everyone else has been up to :-)


I fancy a project for valentine's day, but don't know what.  Any suggestions?  Something out of the ordinary or with a new technique to practise?

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