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Friday Night Cake Club for 1/24/14

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can. Hope to see some great work tonight!



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Hi everyone!



Well, the hand is officially getting better. The bones are no longer broken (YEA!) but there is still quite a bit of nerve damage to work out so physical therapy here I come. One session and I already have more movement than I did! The main thing the dr said was that I need to actually USE that hand now that I've had 3 months to learn how not to use it. SIGH. The good news is that I only have one major job and one minor one for February. I took a client call today for March 8th but we'll see if that ends up with a wedding cake or not. I'm hopeful! Ready to get back to caking.


How's it going for everyone else? Anything fun this week?



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Hey Cat, good to hear your hand is getting better....and grear news that business is picking back up for you. This week in class we did are some of the ones I did400400
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Love the Mums! How totally cute! I have an order for 55 cupcakes and a smash cake for next weekend but nothing as ornate as you have going on here...just regular frosting, sprinkles and picks. Not terribly exciting. We are working the party too tho, so it will be fun!



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How difficult and terrifying it must be for a caker to have hand problems! I broke my right hand several years ago and every once In awhile the arthritis sets in and reminds me there will be a day when I can no longer pipe...even badly lol. I wish you well, Cat!

I had both a husband and a daughter home for most of the week due to the rotten weather we have been having, so it was a slow and frustrating week! I did manage to get a practice cake in this week, though. I have been doing trial runs of Michelle Foster's fondant, and this time it was awful. It was like rolling out a rubber tire! I eventually got it rolled out, though, and did this cake, which is largely a Zoe Clark design.

I really love these ruffles and can foresee working them into other designs too!
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Cat, glad to hear you're doing better.  I've never broken a hand, but I did have carpal tunnel surgery in both hands quite a few years ago.  That was no fun either.  It's amazing when you really, really realize just how much you use your hands every day...and it always hits home when you can't use one or both of them!  Good luck with the physical therapy, I'm sure it's going to help.


Those cupcakes are cute leilossweetshop!  You did a great job. that cake.  Saw it on the galleries earlier.


I'm working on a chocolate cake for a friend of my oldest son.  His friend's son has been going through cancer treatments since March of this year and his birthday is on the 28th.  I'm baking his birthday cake and am working on a 12" layer cake....something I haven't made before.  I posted on another thread about the problems I'm having and am hoping to find a resolution.  I'd really like this cake to turn out right since it's for someone special.  This boy has been so super through all of his treatment and is doing good so far.  I'm decorating it with his favorite Lego Ninjago figure and got the idea for the cake from Deestar20.  I'm making some decorations I haven't tried before, so I'm hoping it will turn out ok.  I need to have it finished by Monday evening so I can deliver it to him after he gets back from another of his cancer treatments down in San Francisco.  He's been such a trooper!  I'm not sure I could be as tolerant and good spirited about it as he's been.

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SPC.that cake is really wonderful. Sorry to hear the fondant didn't work out right. I use my tried and true each time, altho I'm nervous about making it for the first time in 3 months soon!  Sorry to hear about your hand too! The dr said that there is some "modeling" that may cause me problems later on but he also said that it wouldn't be a problem if I did the PT...wonder if he was just trying to scare me? LOL!



Gerle...what problem are you having with the 12inch? Maybe we can help?



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Thanks for the encouragement! Leilos, which class are you in this week? I have never taken a cake class but I have seen a few I would sell a kidney to attend.
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Cat, I'm baking Cake Love's chocolate butter cake in a 12" pan.  I haven't baked 12" cakes before, so this is new for me.  I've baked the cake before in 8 and 9 inch pans and didn't have a problem, but with the 12, after I got it out of the oven and left it to cool for the 30 minutes like he recommends, it fell in the middle.  I had to cook it for 33 minutes instead of 28 to get it done in the middle.  When I go to level the cake, I won't need to tort it because it's too thin.  My husband ate the little piece I had to cut off of the part cooked in the heating core and said it was cooked and it was good, but I'll have to cook 4 layers if that's how small they're all going to turn out to get a 4" tall cake.  It's the first time I've tried a 12" cake and I don't know how to alter recipes to make larger cakes.  I once tried to double a recipe, but that didn't work out at all, so I didn't want to try that again.  I've baked this chocolate cake a lot as it's my family's favorite, but it's mostly been an 8" size and it comes out perfect every time.  I posted the details on the thread titled "Cake failure?"  SPCOhio responded and had good info to share as did the others, but I still have to finish the 12" cakes for the bottom layer.  I just took the 9" layers out of the oven, they cooled for the 30 minutes, and other than being a little on the short side, they were fine and didn't fall in the middle.  So I know it's got something to do with the 12" pan, but I don't know how to correct it.  Any and all help is welcome.

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I've not had a problem with a 12 inch before, tho' I've only made a few of them so I don't have a LOT of experience. I don't use a heating core but, rather, flower nails instead. 1 in an 8 inch, 2 in a 10 inch and 3 in a 12 inch. This helps it cook more evenly. If yours fell it's always possible it wasn't really totally cooked in the center. Were you baking for longer at a lower temperature? I bake my larger cakes at 325 or 300 for longer so it gives them time to cook in the middle without drying out the edges too much. I'm just "spitballing" here hoping to hit on something you may not have thought about yet! 


 I double, even triple, recipes all of the time...I wonder what makes it harder to do with this recipe? I do hope you figure it out. I guess, worse comes to worse, you could make several thin layers rather than 2 thicker ones? Good luck and let us know!



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Thanks Cat.  I hadn't thought of reducing the temp and cooking for longer; that might work.  The directions said to cook at 350 for 28-30 minutes.  I've used flower nails before, too, but for some reason used the heating core this time.  I've never put even a flower nail in an 8 before.  Just never occurred to me.  I have in a 10.  


When you double or triple recipes, do you change any of the ingredient amounts, or just double/triple what the original ingredient amounts were?  I don't remember where I read it, but I read that you often had to alter baking soda/baking powder amounts when doubling/tripling recipes and since I just don't have the "scientific" or mathematical head to do that type of thing, I haven't.  The one and only time I did try to double a recipe, it flopped!  So I haven't done it since.  But I don't usually make big cakes, either.  I usually stick to a 10 as the biggest and decided to try a 12 this time....and so far it hasn't worked.  I'll be baking another 12" tomorrow, so plan on trying some of the ideas I've been given and see if I fair better.  Thanks for the info!  I'll let you know what, if anything, works out.

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I always turn down the heat for larger than 8 inch cakes or cakes that are 3 inches or taller per layer. When doubling recipes I just double it..everything. Never occurred to me to decrease the leavening! LOL! Maybe I've just been really lucky?



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Hey ladies, thank for the feedback on my cupcakes!

SPCohio - I am taking the Wilton Course 1 and tomorrow is my last class before I start course 2. It has taught me so much especially since I am a beginner with cake decorating. Ive baked my entire life, just started really getting into decorating. I love your cake, its sooo pretty!!!

Gerle - I really hope you figure out the problem... I agree with cat to try a lower temp and try the flower nails. I always use them on my 10inch cakes so I figure 12in would be no different.... let us know how it turns out and post pics please!
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Well, Cat.  I'll let you know.  I'm going to try doubling the recipe today and see what happens.  Wish me luck!

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After a break for a few weeks with a nasty chest infection, I made a cake for fun.  Well, it suited me, and my husband had been joking at work about the quality of the cake provided for a colleague's leaving do - and was challenged to provide a better one :-)  So I got to do a fancier cake the way that I wanted to, and he got the chance to prove his point!


It's a chocolate cake with chocolate orange buttercream, decorated with sugarpaste ruffles and roses.



Roses and ruffles. Chocolate cake filled with chocolate orange buttercream and decorated with sugarpaste roses and vertical ruffles.

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