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scoops??!!!!!!! HELP?

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i have to sell cookies tomorrow for a school during lunch time. I dont ever make cookies so its kind off a new thing for me. The thing is i want them all to be equal and for that to happen i need to know how much cookie batter i am going to put for one cookie. But i dont have an ice-cream scoop and i have no idea how much tbsp a scoop has or w/e. Can someone pleaaaase tell me how much cookie batter will take for a cookie? or like how many tbsp of batter are in a scoop????!!! 

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Ther are many different sizes of scoops, so it would depend on how big you want your cookies to be. If you just use a tablespoon or something and measure out the same amount each time it will be consistent.

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A scoop is best. Or weigh each scoop for consistency.
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You could make sugar cookies or some other kind that you roll out and cut with a cookie cutter. Then they would all be the same size.
Or refrigerator cookies that you make by forming the dough into a log, chill and cut. If you make sure to cut them all the same width, then you will have uniformity of size.
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if you have scales, just plop some dough on there before putting it on the cookie sheet. perfectly equal amounts for each one and it doesn't take much longer than any other way.


If I'm making a new type of cookie, I always bake one first to judge the size for a certain amount of dough, just to see if it spreads or rises a lot etc.

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Here's my 'uniform cookie' tip: with a small piece of paper and pen, trace around the outside of the scoop and put it with your recipe.  A stickie works fine, or just slip in the plastic sleeve holder if you use notebooks.  This way you'll use the same sized everytime you make the cookie recipe - easy peasy.

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