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HELP ~ Red Velvet "LAVA" Mess!

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Hi all ~ this forum has been so helpful and I am learning more every day in my kitchen with trial and error. But I've tried this now 4 slightly different ways... and basically still end up with a mess.


I will post the recipe I was inspired by which is basically cupcakes with a "lava" ganache filling ~ I used my WASC Red Velvet cake mix.. and made ganache with 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream... heated, chilled, formed into 1 Tbs size balls.. sometimes less, with my testing.


All I keep getting is a gooey cupcake that has the ganache oozing out of the top, melted into the cupcake making it very 'hollow', and then it just seems to just seep out of the bottom of the cupcake making it very difficult to pull from the liner.


Can any of you help me with this? Where did I go wrong? To sell these I would be keeping them in their liners, and was hoping to just dust with powdered sugar; to serve catered, I wanted to serve them upside down with a dust of powdered sugar... but with the way all of mine have turned out, neither is an option.


Please help! I'm baking all day & looking for answers. THANK YOU!

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So you are making a chocolate ganache truffle and then placing it into the cupcake and then baking it?  If so - thats the problem.  You can't bake ganache - it melts and just blends into whatever you've placed it in.

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The blog you linked to used 1:1 for their filling and you are using 2:1, seems that could be a problem.  I don't know anything about ganache, just comparing the recipes.

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Could you freeze the balls of ganache (instead of just refrigerating) before placing them in the cupcake and baking? Maybe try one or two and see if it works...

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Agree with dukeswalker, a ganache truffle will not survive the inferno icon_smile.gif However, try a dollop of store-brand chocolate frosting (I know,the horror!) and you might have better luck. Also, I usually fill the centers after I bake the cupcakes, so the filling is a bit firmer, but that's just personal preference.
"Pirates don't go shoppin', they go lootin' and plunderin'!" - Jasmine Beckett Griffith
"Pirates don't go shoppin', they go lootin' and plunderin'!" - Jasmine Beckett Griffith
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I must have done the ratio wrong for this one... but I didn't want to pipe into after baking, this was intended to be like "hot lava" just like a molten cake... instead I have just piped in runny ganache after they baked. Seems to have the same effect ~ and it doesn't harden back up, which I love.


Thanks for the feedback. This page is the best!

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I use a similar technique for chocolate fondants - what you call a lava cake. Yes I use a chocolate ganache (made from 53% cocoa solids chocolate and milk) ball to make the liquid centre, but I freeze the ganache balls and insert them in the middle of the cake batter. Sometimes I bake them straight away, other times I chill the mix in the dariole moulds in the fridge until I am ready to bake them up to 48 hours later. They are a perfect dinner party dessert and always turn out perfectly. Good luck!
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