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Making figures..

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Every time I make my figures, no matter if I use fondant or molding chocolate, they always seem bumpy and have fingerprints on them. I see SO many awesome figures with tiny details and they all are smooth and perfect, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Then to make matters worse, when I push them into my cake or onto a skewer that's already inserted, they end up falling backwards or the skewer slowly pushes through and skewers an eyeball or something :( Please help, I'd love to get better and be as awesome as everyone on here lol.

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Depending on what your making one tip I can give you is poking your holes and letting your fondant harden in pieces then adding a head, for example, with sugar glue once it's dry.

When modeling use tools to help shape faces, etc. I like color shapers and clay modeling tools.

Check out Liz Marek's tutorials on YouTube
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Thank you so much! That really helps! :)

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And use some trex/white fat to help smooth your fondant.
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I've just come back to CC after being away for a long time. I love figure modeling! Do you add Tylose powder to your fondant? It really helps with getting the fondant smooth and gives it more body. Practice makes perfect icon_smile.gif. Take a 1 " ball of fondant that you have added Tylose to, put a very small amount of Crisco on yor hands and roll the fondant. Experiment by using different pressure on the fondant and you will soon see what it takes to get it smooth. Build your figure in steps, letting the base pieces dry somewhat before adding pieces to the top. I like to use spaghetti in my figures for support unless they are large and then I use skewers. I always make my figures ahead of time so that they can dry before placing them on a cake. I hope this helps a little.
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I always start with a ball. I roll the ball between my palms until it is completely smooth - then I shape it. This helps to eliminate cracks and imperfections. The fondant need to be well kneaded to become smooth, sometimes I am rolling for ages, but it is worth it as it improves the finished look.

I'm very much still learning, but this tip has helped me a lot.
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