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OK I will admit, I don't make cookies so my advice is strictly based on the books I've read and experience specific to cake, BUT, what kind of recipe and what kind of colors?  The recipe above calls for water - I never thin with water, ONLY fresh lemon juice if I need to thin but that doesn't happen very often.  The acid in lemon is essential to help strengthen the royal for what I use it for.  But I am careful not to make the mistake of making my royal it too stiff then adding lemon juice to thin then adding powder sugar then adding a liquid and so on.  If my royal is too stiff I add another egg white and powdered sugar and just make more royal.


As for adding color, I use gel or powdered color, powdered if I can help it because even if the color pigment sticks the extra liquid in gel can throw off and make a puddle like you said.  Yes you mix a little bit once you take the towel off but you are right, the longer and harder you mix the more air.  Your best bet is to make the icing the right way the first time and that takes experience based on whatever you are using it for.  I think Sweet Ambs, although I have never paid for her icing recipe, must be making it perfect because her cookies are extraordinarily beautiful and her recipe could quite possibly be contrary to everything I just typed, but I've never seen any of her cookies that have that take-tell crater of a popped air bubble from improperly mixing the royal or using the incorrect ratios for what she does.  Anyway I highly suggest HER advice as a master of sugar cookies.  Google her.

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The puddle of syrup is normal. Just remix. It separates upon sitting
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thanks everyone for your replies, I am working on some circus cookies for my friends that are clowns in the ringling brothers circus, that i'm going to go see them perform. 

Seeing that i was only making 13 cookies, i wanted to try meringue powder, instead of getting pasteurized egg whites(is PEW an actual acronym on here? bwahahaha, that sounds so funny. if it's not i'm writing PEW for pasteurized egg whites)  for only one batch of icing when i wont be making more for at least 2 weeks, i don't keep my RI when made with the PEW for longer than a week or else i get paranoid. 


(no negative screaming intended k8memphis, only the nice kind :D )


So far they are coming along fine, i am making some RI transfers later on this evening to put on the cookies, and we'll see how it goes....

the blob that i put on top of the lid, as i said earlier, hardened nicely and i'm sure i was just super paranoid and being negative.

I'm sure that even if i did beat them a little too much, no one will notice and they will love them regardless! 

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This is the recipe I use, It is Ali Bee’s royal icing recipe~~ Royal Icing 5 TBSP Meringue Powder 1 tsp cream of tartar 1/2 c. water 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp additional flavoring (optional) 2lb confectioners sugar 1 TBSP to 1/4 c. Light corn syrup Place meringue powder, cream of tartar, water and flavoring in the CLEAN bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attached. A hand mixer will work for this too. Beat on medium high until the mixture is frothy. You can also do this step by hand with a wisk. Add the powdered sugar and start mixing on low. The mixture will quickly become thick and difficult to mix. Add the corn syrup till the blades begin to move again. The amount varies between 1 TBSP and 1/4 c. Mix on low until ingredients are incorporated then kick it up to medium and beat for 3-5 minutes. Again, this will vary on how much corn syrup you added. Beat until right before it starts getting shiny. If you get to a point where your icing looks like marshmallow fluff, you've gone too far. Keep an eye on your icing. When it's done, scoop it into a Tupperware, place a piece of saran wrap over the top and close the lid to store (if needed). I like it, it has a very nice flavor. And my towels were just damp, not wet. Thanks for your replies.

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