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Hi Annie-


Thank you. I do use the paddle attachment while adding the butter, as that is what the recipe tells me to do (I am using FromScratchSF's recipe). I have not noticed the air bubbles in the bowl, only while icing, but I will look for them in my next batch and especially try smashing out the bubbles. I had also read that once the SMBC has come together you can mix it on high with the whisk attachment. I'm hoping this may help too. I have another baby shower cake to do next week so I will give both a try!!!! We shall see :) I feel I've made a lot of improvement in the way of getting a smooth, straight cake but those air bubble really ticked me off!!! LOL


Thanks Again!

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When you ice the cake, try paddling it back and forth on the cake if it's developing bubbles as you're icing it. I would avoid the whisk after the butter is added because in my experience that makes it full of bubbles.
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Got it! Smashing and paddling- that is what I shall do!!! Thanks Annie :)

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Good luck to you!
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The spatula can't be wet just hot. For me it never discoloured. You can also heat a little bit the smb on the microwave.
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Originally Posted by AnnieCahill View Post

I've had that problem with discoloration using a hot scraper, so I don't do that anymore. 


I've also had that same experience, so unless the SMBC is being covered with fondant, I won't use a hot knife or scraper with it.  The heat breaks down the fats in the butter and creates splotches that are quite visible, even if the icing is uncoloured.  On the other hand, the hot knife methods works great if the icing is being covered anyway.


Once it's all come together in the bowl, I run my mixer on the lowest setting for a few minutes with the paddle.  It helps to smooth out the bubbles.  Then, I sort of mash it against the side of the bowl with my spatula.  That helps as well.

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Thank you Tania and Kathleen for your great suggestions! Whenever I go in to make a cake, I always like to have a plan to try to correct previous problems. I'm glad to have several tricks to try to get that SMBC smooth. I will not be covering it with fondant, so those bubbles just won't due!!! I will come back and let you all know how it turns out :D

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