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refund from canceled Cake Central Class  

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This is a thread that was created for dubious and frankly unfair reasons.  The OP was complaining about not getting a refund for the December class that we unfortunately had to cancel.  She posted the same thread last night and it was deleted.  The OP started both threads saying she got no refund and it's untrue - she has gotten her refund and even posted that she got them.  She stated in BOTH threads she was just mad and wanted to complain about Cake Central because Cake Central did not give daily updates or some ridiculous expectation of customer service while waiting on her credit card company. bank, and Paypal posted it to her account.  But she, like all that registered for that class,  received a personal phone call, an apology, and a full refund.    

All comments here have been deleted.


Refunds have been issued and are taking as long as your bank, credit card company and Paypal takes to issue refunds on purchases that are in some cases over 90 days old.  Google "Paypal Refunds" and you will get thousands of hits on why it takes so long and is so hard to accomplish.  If you choose to not Google it then you simply have to trust that Cake Central is doing everything they can to issue refunds and again apologize that the class was cancelled.


We are working really hard to bring great instructors to YOU at reasonable prices and are doing our best to make sure everyone either gets the excellent class they paid for or a refund if we have to cancel a class for some reason.


This topic has run its course and no further threads created to complain about us will be allowed.  We have upcoming classes that frankly will be awesome.


Thank you.

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Further, if you registered for this class and you have not gotten a reflection of the refund by next month, please contact ME and I will personally help you.  Jackie is not involved with the classes to PMs to her will most likely go unanswered, although I am NOT speaking for her, I'm just doing my job and trying to help.

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