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Recipe ideas/ help?

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I have a cake due this coming Sunday and the client wants a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and real strawberry sliced layered on top of the ganache filling. This cake will likely be two tiers and each cake will be about 3 layers high each. Wondering whats the best way to go about using strawberries in the cake and also wondering about support structure since this cake will have fondant.


Thinking of sticking to a boxed devils food cake but would rather do a chocolate from scratch.


I made the Black Magic cake from recipes yesterday to test and its kind of moist even after a few hours. worried about cake falling apart from the fruit filling and weight of fondant.


Any advice is appreciated.



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I usually use strawberries on top of wipped cream filling.. never had any problem, even when i use fondant to cover... Im not sure about ganache.. but make sure to dry them well with a paper towel before putting them on the chocolate. The cake might leak alittle bit because of the sugar.. good luck!
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I think fresh sliced strawberries would be your best best anything else would probably leak out. I would keep refrigerated  until the day of then add the fondant.You will definitely need dowels for support. To seal the strawberries on top of the ganache make sure to make a dam around each layer. Try using apricot jam heated an strained through a sieve and brush each layer before and after adding the strawberry layer well to keep them from leaking. HTH

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I would do the ganache, strawberries, and another layer of ganache on top. I think that would kind of seal in the strawberries and juices. Just a suggestion. I would definitely use dowels for support. 

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Thanks Everyone for the advice so far. We'll see how it goes. I'll be working on this cake on Friday for Saturday Delivery. Fingers crossed.



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