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i think its best if u soak your cake with fruit wine it will absorb it and will get a little moist. it worked for me

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Thank you kelly kakes and everyone who has commented.


My update is, I eventually managed to save my precious cakes!!  I kept dousing them in brandy over a few days and finally they did moisten, not 100% but still fairly good.  I covered them in marzipan then fondant to seal in the moisture.  I was concerned that the excess alcohol would be a bit overpowering but they tasted fine. And my recipients certainly didn't mind.:wink:  My Plan B if this didn't work, would be to make ApplegumPams cake balls, which was another great idea.


So all has ended well and disaster has been averted......Thank you to everyone for all your help!

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Originally Posted by matthewkyrankelly View Post

Pressure cooking is not steaming.  But, we may be splitting hairs here.  A pressure cooker uses steam to build pressure AND heat.  Therefore, it cooks in significantly less time without drying the food.  The cake slices like a fruit cake and keeps like a fruit cake.  I am completely ignorant of English puddings. Is the only difference cooking style or is there a consistency difference?

If you are looking for a method that both cooks the fruitcake quickly and keeps it moist, this works.  I still douse it with alcohol weekly.  I have started some in June for December.  I've also used this method for a wedding cake covered in marzipan and royal icing.

All worked well.

Sorry for responding late. Just seeing the email about these posts. The same batter is placed into a baking tin covered in grease paper and placed into a pressure cooker produces a pudding as opposed to placing it in an oven to bake which comes put like a cake. I am not confusing the cake being most with the texture as both are recently most.the pressure cooker one produces a dense Christmas pudding similar in texture to potato pudding or cornmeal pudding while the oven produced a normal cake texture. As I said we make the same batter for both we just steam those that were requested as puddings and if its for home then we make the brandy sauce to serve With it. As far as my knowledge of American puddings I only see some soft baby food stuff that is imported...kinda porridge like if you ask me...but def not what I know as a pudding
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