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I do understand it can be hard to get started getting steady business. After visiting your website I got a very playful, informal feeling. Almost seemed like you weren't serious and unprofessional. But your talent, work and your attention to detail in cake decorating is very good. I wonder if you are selling yourself short. Be confident about your talent. Why are you offering free delivery? I think most people charge for this. Customers expect to pay extra for delivery.

Maybe try to bake samples and package nicely and go around to potential businesses or places you could build a professional relationship with. How about offering to supply something for a children's sports banquet? Parents are always there and everybody eats cake at these events. Bring plenty of business cards to pass out. Do you have a local chamber of commerce to network with? Many communities have a women's business owners network also. It may take a little work to put your face out there, but people will remember a face and piece of cake better than a phone call.

Your work is good. Seems like there were quite a few good suggestions given here that you could apply in getting your business built up.

Hope some of these suggestions help you become successful as this is definitely a passion for most of us.


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So, the holidays are over and it seems there are a lot of bridal shows on the horizon. With the support of this wonderful community I feel like its time to do a show.

Also, the feedback on my website has constructive. I have some work to do. I want to be fun and informal, that is who I am. But not unprofessional. That is a personal issue. I am proud of my work so I will have to find a line to walk along that gets me business.

Because of the good advice I've received here I am working on some new marketing.

My brochure is almost done.
I listed myself on some free wedding sites.
And waiting to hear about being a part of a sip and scan at Macy's
I've some new venue leads too.

I feel like 'this is my year' and I will chip away at it all till I am really making some forward progress - I can't wait!
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Well the brochure is done and awaiting printing 

brochuresample.jpg 1,629k .jpg file Brochuresample2.jpg 2,150k .jpg file  


Here is the designer.  I love that she does this online so no matter where you live she can do it!


The good news - I got my first wedding order :D ...from the free industry listing :)

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