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Hi all,

I'm jumping in on this post after just having read all the replies. Has anybody just clicked on this CakeCentral post today on this company called TRU COLOR Natural Food Color? They are seeking funding on Kickstarter for their all natural food colors. However, they are not listing any ingredients there and I can't find anything on the internet either. I would love to support them as I have been looking for something like this for a while now. But before I do so, I would really like to know what those colors are made from. Anybody knows anything about it? Maybe I should just contact them directly....


On the Disco dust/Petal Dust note - I bought one small jar before Christmas because I was curious and used it on some of my cookies (for personal use), and was very confused about the label as well. The label says 'Non Toxic' and 'Not to be consumed. For decorative use only' So I asked the person at our local Baking supply shop that sold it to me and she said,"I guess it would be bad if you ingested the whole 4g container all at once. But since it's such a small amount (the Petal Dust), it's fine."


And what is it with the red dye 40? Aren't we all using it to get that absolutely deep red everybody wants? I cringe every time I have to use it. And now there are new health studies out on the yellow food color!


Anyway, if anybody has any info on the above company, that would be great!


Awesome thread, thanks for bringing up this subject!

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Hi, yes that store is me.....In my few posts I never say that because I don't want people to think I'm advertising

on the forum.....anyway the biggest problem with disco dust is that there just has not been anything that I have

found that gives you that exact look.....There are new products that have come out that are better but still not

metallic/shiny like the disco dust.  So everyone just has to decide if they want to use it, or use it and remove it, or

stay completely away from it. When I get a question about disco dust I am always honest and tell them

that some people never use it because it's non-toxic but not an edible product. Some people use it all the time

and don't worry about it at all and some take it off.....Anyway I have looked at rainbow dust's products and they have

a line of 100% edible glitters and a line of "food contact" glitters meaning non-toxic but not edible. And they have

the line of "paints".    I have heard good and bad about all of them...Actually right now I have placed a small order

to see how they look and work for me. The problem of course then comes down to cost. The cost of bringing in a

line of products from the UK with customs and taxes etc etc can make my ability to sell at a reasonable price very

hard....So if I like them I will probably just tell people to order direct from them....Global Sugar Art has lots of nice

items and I believe their disco dust is called twinkle dust.....same thing, different name...So it always comes down

to the same thing....If you want the exact look of disco dust then that's what you have to use.  When you are a decorator

and that is your business it's hard to turn down customers because they want a look you can't replicate. Paying the

bills sometimes has to be done.....I hope that helps      ann

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I found this tutorial for making your own edible glitter:

I thought it was very interesting, it shines when the light hits, but it's definitely not that silvery reflection disco dust gets. Regardless, it feels safer to be able to make your own rather than trust ingredients in someone else's product.
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