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Friday Night Cake Club for 12/13/13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to come share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! Hope to see lots of fun photos!



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Hi everyone!


No cakes for me this week. My entire week has been sucked up by making crafts for my family/friends. Earlier in the year our neighbor had their fence redone and they had leveled the wood leaving sections of wood about a foot long by 7 inches wide left over wood pieces. I sucked up about a dozen of those and made signs as gifts. You can see one here:


Hope that works. Anyways, that's the one I made for us. All of them are holiday themed from a Santa with sunglasses to snowmen to snow families to Christmas trees. My diningroom table has been covered all week!


Tonight I'm working on making a Paintbrush Santa for my husband who collect Santa's. He's out of town on business this weekend so I have time to make it for him without him seeing it.


What have you guys been up to this week?



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I love the fencepost sign!


Today I hosted a cookie decorating party for 8 little first graders.  My daughter had a blast, it was really fun!  I am exhausted though.  

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Awww...Norasmom...that sounds adorable! How many cookies did each kid get to decorate?

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I've got a rather boring cake to work on tomorrow for my neohew's birthday party (Duck Dynasty...ecchhh) and spent most of this week finishing my Christmas shopping and making cookies for friends that are just repeats of designs I've already done. I did get to try the cute upside down gingerbread man into a reindeer cookie that's taken Pinterest over, though. I saw Cookies With Character's take on it and she had the best idea! 700
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400 I haven't made a cake since thanksgiving. This is the Turkey cake I made for our big thanksgiving dinner.  : I made a pumpkin bread recipe with pumpkin buttercream with 3 layers I carved the cake. For the drum sticks I smashed up the leftover bread and mixed in the buttercream just like when making cake pops and molded the legs. I melted and mixed together the Carmel apple wraps and used them like fondant for the ouside. And chopped up angel food cake and used hot coco powder on some pieces to make them a more brown color.
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Originally Posted by catlharper View Post

Awww...Norasmom...that sounds adorable! How many cookies did each kid get to decorate?

Each girl decorated about 6 cookies on average.  

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SPCOhio!!! LOVE the reindeer cookies!!! SO cute! I totally would not have figured out the gingerbread men shape had you not pointed it out. SO cool!



MissBakesalot...that's SO cool! It would never have occurred to me to even try a turkey cake but you nailed it!



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I wish I could take full credit for it, Cat. I just copied a cookie genius. icon_smile.gif It has inspired some new ideas of my own, though!

I still haven't taken the plunge into trying to carve a cake. Soon I must give it a go.
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Thanks cat! I got the idea to try to make one when I seen DQs add for a Turkey cake. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. A few people thought it was a turkey until I told them it wasn't. Lol
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Wow, Cat!  So talented!  Not only in cake, but other crafts as well.  Love your sign.  I like to do thinks like that, too.  My Hubby keeps telling me if I take up one more hobby, he's going to have to move me to a warehouse to house all the craft supplies!  I used to do ceramics, still make wreaths and other Christmas decorations, and then took up cake decorating.  All of those hobbies require lots of supplies!!  


SPCOhio, those are cute cookies.  You did a great job!  And Miss-bakes-alot, that turkey cake is fabulous!

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Hi Cat and everyone,

Love the Turkey cake Miss bakes a lot , we don't have thanksgiving here, so we don't really have turkey til Christmas Day. 


SPC, I did a demo on using the gingerbread man for reindeers for our club last month I just used fondant though so it could be put straight on top of a cake . . We do a lot of charity Christmas cakes and I think a lot of them are going to have the reindeers on them this time. 


Cat, I am dreaming of a week without cakes when I could craft , the sign looks great. 


Norasmum , that would have been so much fun I love decorating with littlies. 


Well I have had a busy busy week ,I started the week with Cheesecakes for a party, went on to a wedding cake mid-week, then Cheesecakes and Tiramisu to finish. then today I took my Mum to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang . 


I am exhausted to say the least , and I just got a phonecall from a friend that is now arriving tomorrow and staying for a few days. There go my down days before next week's cake. 



This was the midweek wedding , it was White choc and dark choc mud on the bottom , filled with choc ganache. The top two were carrot and walnut, with a spiced chai syrup and white choc orange blossom ganache. 

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Chellescakes, that cake sounds utterly delicious. I haven't tried making white chocolate ganache yet, but the pairing you just described makes me want to whip some up today. It's also a beautifully executed cake!
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Gerle, I'm a professional photographer too. You can see that work at  I worked for about a year at a craft store with my sister and the two of us learned every craft there was in the store! LOL! I just lump them all together and say I'm an artist. As for a warehouse!!! That would be a DREAM! My husband just tolerates my messy craft corner. About every 6 months I tear into it and straighten it up...which only lasts till I craft something again! LOL! Poor guy! I said on FB...LOVE that cake. It's SO beautiful! Hope you get to rest a bit while your friend is her for her visit!


Hope everyone has a great week! I get to start on all of the baking/cooking for edible gifts this week..starting with m&m cookies for my brother in law. I painted him up a Santa Tin and am filling it with cookies! I am also making chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, chocolate dipped spoons, caramel and chocolate covered apples and some sort of loaf bread..haven't quite decided that one yet. So this will be a busy week. I start giving gifts this week so all of this food won't be hanging around long! LOL!



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Love love love the reindeer cookies! Very good idea. And turkey is awesome! What do you use to get the roasted glazed look? I have been asked for a hog roast cake but I don't want to do it as I'd want it to look as good as yours but I know it won't!
Chellescakes that sounds delicious. And I can only aspire to the neatness of your work.
Lots of practice needed for me!
This week I tried my hand at a castle cake - gluten free for my friends little girl. I went with box mix but cost a fortune because I needed 6 to make the layers tall enough.
Quite pleased with it, but it could be neater. Struggled with the fondant and poc marks which has never happened to me before??
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