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Help needed re keeping sponge fresh please!

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Hi all,

I'm new to cake decorating (absolutely loving it!!) and I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to! I can find stuff relating to similar questions but not my specific question so sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I can't find the answer and I need some help!

I have to make a rainbow layer cake for Saturday. My first question is can I make the sponges today (Wednesday) then stack and crumb coat tomorrow and then finish on Friday? Should I use a shortening buttercream?

Second question is, am I best to use ganache for the final coating or stick with buttercream?

Thank you so much for any help or advice that anyone can offer, it's very much appreciated xx
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Hi SamC23,

II think you got a pretty well designed plan about your cake, sounds like something I would do. am also quite new at this, so I will answer from my (little) experience.

To keep the sponges fresh, what you need to do is wrap each very well in plastic wrap so it doesn't get hard or dry. I'm not sure if you would keep them in the fridge or how the weather conditions are where you live to keep it at room temp.

Then for the crumbcoating, it depends on what you/your client likes really, either will work, just make sure to put the cake in the fridge as you layer up the buttercream or ganache, to achieve an even surface. Before covering it you should spray it with some water around so the fondant sticks to it, if you're using any. If not, I personally think a white buttercream looks lovely on top of a rainbow cake.

Good luck! Post pics! icon_biggrin.gif
"Everyday is someone's birthday"
"Everyday is someone's birthday"
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Thank you do much MyFairDiva! Your reply is much appreciated.

So violet layer perfectly baked although a bit of a dark shade if I'm being honest/picky!

Blue layer I think I over baked as it's shrunk away from the sides considerably! Plus it's too dark in colour too so may do that layer again anyway.

Green layer perfectly baked! icon_smile.gif

Orange layer just gone in the oven.

Just yellow and pink. Yeap, I'm using just one cake pan! Crazy aren't i!!! It's the only one I have that's the right size and has straight sides!

I love in the UK so temperature not a problem, especially at this time of year!!!

Please please tell me - how do I make white buttercream?!?!?! Mine is always a cream colour and I really would like white!

Thanks again icon_smile.gif
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Yes, you're right, all-butter buttercream always has that yellowish cream tone. What I've read around the forum is that some bakers do an all vegetable shortening buttercream, and then add "butter flavor", because let's be honest, that must not taste very nice without it.

Others do a half-and-half buttercream, half butter, half vegetable shortening so it's not as bad tasting.

And what others do but I've never tried, is adding a pinch of violet colour to the mix at the end so it cancels the yellow a bit.

Then we have all the range of Swiss Meringue buttercream (SMBC) or Italian Meringue buttercream. Thinking about it Meringue may be a cool option to cover the cake and make it look all fluffy! (with meringue powder so it has a better hold)

There are lots of tips in this forum! I've also read that a lot of beating will make your buttercream whiter. I hope you find the one that suits your liking Sam icon_smile.gif and lots of other bakers from the UK as well. Lovely place! I'm in Chile.
"Everyday is someone's birthday"
"Everyday is someone's birthday"
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I think I'm going to try SMBC! I like trying things for the first time!!!

I hate the smell of shortening so really don't want to use it if I can avoid it!

You're in Chile? Wow! Love to go there some day.....

Thanks loads for replying. I now having blue layer traumas! It shrinks smaller than the other layers. Any ideas?

Sam icon_smile.gif
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I did it!!

I made SMBC! How lush is it??!! I didn't have much vanilla left that didn't have the tiny seeds in it but even without it - yum!!!

Cake is finished and has been collected icon_smile.gif
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Hi Sam!!


Hey! how did it turn out?? sorry I've been off the grid for a bit. I hope your client was happy and that everything turned out great :D


SMBC is yummy, I agree.

"Everyday is someone's birthday"
"Everyday is someone's birthday"
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It looked amazing!!! There was a few gaps in the filling in between the layers but I know where I went wrong with that one! I personally wouldn't have had do many layers either bit it's what the customer wanted!

All in all, was pretty pleased with it for a first attempt and can't wait to do another one!!!

I can't upload a pic for some reason though icon_sad.gif

Thanks for asking how I got on icon_smile.gif
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